Purple Mattress Review: Something New

Have you ever wondered why our ancestors were so aggressive? I’m certain their sleep habits had so much to do with it. How do I know this? I will tell you.

Years ago, I had a colleague that was so unpopular in the office that everyone wished him ill. He was constantly irritable and hard to work with. On countless occasions I caught him napping on his desk but you dare not talk to him about it. The unthinkable happened the day he was scheduled to make a presentation. It was obvious he was lethargic but no one expected him to actually doze off in the middle of his own presentation. Like the special dude he is, he managed to do just that and was fired after calling the sales manager bone-head for confronting him about that.

Though I blamed his personality at the time the incident happened, I now understand it wasn’t just about his temperament. He wasn’t just getting the sort of sleep he needed. His zombie-like movement in and out of the office and his quarrelsome bony head were signs of sleeplessness that we all misunderstood at the time. Now I know better and understand why good sleep should be included among the necessities of life.

You need the right amount of sleep and there are so many factors that are ready to deny you of that. Your bed is definitely the most influential of these factors and it is important that you start from there to fix your life. This is what purple mattress can do for you.

How About Purple?

While I’m convinced that our ancestors enjoyed their lives to a certain degree, I believe so much that poor sleep habits were huge components of the miseries they faced. Imagine dealing with all the stressors in their lives and going to bed on a hard uncomfortable surface. I am sure they had more nightmares than good dreams. I don’t know, maybe science will prove that someday.

We are moving forward as humans and science has been on the driving seat of our steady journey to better life. This is the major reason purple mattress interests me. What is the connection you may ask? Well, science! At purple, it is all about science.

The Science of Good Sleep

If, like myself, you were not a big fan of science at school, you may not be too interested in all the science talks in the videos the purple team make. But you will love to know how the mattress will make you sleep better. Well, the purple team says it is not about helping you sleep “better” but “best”. Let us keep all their promises aside and look at the mattress from a layman’s perspective.

What Type Of Mattress Is Purple?

Most mattresses in the market can be classified as either spring mattress, memory foam mattress, gel foam, or hybrid mattress. But we can’t really fit purple into any of these groups. It is a unique and intriguing mattress that combines foam and hyper-elastic polymer materials. While there are lots of science talks about how this interestingly unique materials will help you sleep better, we can only say that the purple mattress presents great support and has a unique feel that will make you wake up in a better mood.

The way the mattress handles weight is remarkable. It makes for perfect body alignment while you sleep and handles pressure points excellently. Thanks to science, I guess.


Once you get a feel of how the purple mattress feels, you will wonder, as I did, how it was constructed. Well, the 9.5 inches mattress has three distinct layers:

  • The top layer is the hyper-elastic polymer material that is developed with purple’s unique ‘smart grid’ design. It measures 2 inches and delivers exceptional comfort and cooling.
  • The middle layer is made of polyurethane foam that offers transitional support. It measures 3.5 inches and together with the top layer provides both transitional and deep compression support.
  • The bottom layer is made of a denser polyurethane foam that acts as a perfect foundation for the entire mattress. It measures 4 inches and serves perfectly to support the entire structure and different types of sleepers.


The firmness of the purple mattress falls in the region of 6 to 6.5 on a scale of 1 – 10. This is a cool range and means that it is not too hard or too soft. In fact, it is responsive in a unique way: it will be soft where you want it and firm where you need it. I’m sure this is all about science too.

Sinkage and Edge Support

Purple doesn’t sink too much when you lie on your back or your side. You may experience sinkage of just about an inch which is perfect for a comfortable sleep. It will also depend on the weight of the sleeper.

In terms of edge support, purple doesn’t seem to be too great. The mattress may sink up to 2.5 inches, and for a heavy individual, it may even be up to 4 inches.

Motion Transfer

If you sleep with your partner, you wouldn’t want his/her movements to disturb your sleep. Purple have you covered in that regard. It handles motion transfer excellently, causing little or no disruption as your partner moves. It also minimizes noise, thanks to a non-toxic proprietary powder material. Science!

Temperature Management

No one likes to sleep hot and the purple team knows that. The polymer smart grid design performs excellently when it comes to cooling and you will never worry about sleeping hot.

How About the Cover?

The purple mattress comes with a cover that is both soft and stretchy. This durable cover is made of a unique blend of polyester, viscose and polyester-lycra. It is highly breathable and helps to make you sleep cool. It is also aesthetically pleasing in a classy way – trust that bearded dude, industrial designer.

There are several other reasons you may want to try this mattress including:

  • Free Shipping: The Company ships to your door for free
  • 100 Nights Risk-Free Sleep Trial Period: You have 100 days to see if purple is the mattress for you. If at any time during the trial period you decide it is not okay, the company refunds you fully.
  • 10 Year Warranty: The purple team believe so much in their scientific methods and gives you 10 years warranty.
  • CertiPUR-US: As you know already, the purple team is made up of scientist, so you expect their mattress to be certified. And it is.

Though Purple is relatively new in the market, the makers say they have been on it for years with the hope of making the best sleep mattress in the world. What we have today as purple mattress is an excellent effort, and we believe you will love it.

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