1.0 become a world-known company. In this report,

1.0   Introduction

Stanley Black & Decker is one of the best global
provider of electronic tool in United States. It was established in in 1843 by
Fredrick T. Stanley. In March 2010, Stanley completed a merger with Black &
Decker, the company name changed to Stanley Black & Decker. Their products
include hand tools, power tools and related accessories, mechanical access
solutions. Nowadays, Stanley Black & Decker’s sales network has spread all
over the world, it has gradually become a world-known company. In this report,
I will explain why Stanley Black & Decker is successful and their
contribution of leadership. Finally, there have the suggestion for the company

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2.0 Measurements of Business Success


2.1 Increasing
annual revenue

(Source from 2016 Annual Report of Stanley Black &

According to the annual report of Stanley Black & Decker
in the past 5 years, each year also has growth of profit. That is show that Stanley
Black & Decker have a successful business strategy. To be a successful
company, one of the main factor is that company can gain the profits for every
year, Stanley Black & Decker can meet this condition.


2.2 Awards
& Recognitions

Stanley Black & Decker has been recognized a global
leader since they got a lots of awards and recognitions from different
stakeholders and countries. In 2016, they won the following awards of “Best
Companies of Leadership” and “Most valuable Military Employer. In 2017, they
also won the “World’s Most Admired Companies” from Fortune. It shows that
Stanley Black & Decker has outstanding performance in all aspects,
including leadership, human resources management etc.


2.3 Corporate

In addition to focus on business profits, Stanley Black
& Decker also focus on social responsibility. They believe that the community is at the heart of them and that they are
committed to making the world be a better place through charitable activities.
For example, they help victims to rebuild their homes and also give tools to
deal with emergencies. They also provide the learning opportunities for
students to learn and contribute to society in the future. Besides, they
through reducing their water consumption, operational energy and carbon
emissions to decreasing the environmental impacts. These charitable activities
can increase the image and reputation of the company; it can attract more
customers to buy their products.



2.4 Large Company Scale

Stanley Black
& Decker is a large scale company. They have more than 40 wholly owned
factories, the sales network is over 130 countries and regions, which includes
Europe, Asia. The company has about 54,023 employees in the world, they became
the world’s largest manufacturer of tool products, he product is suitable for a
variety of industrial users, is a veritable world of tools experts.


3.0 Reasons for the
Company’s Success


3.1 Diversified
Global Provider

Although Stanley
Black & Decker is a worldwide leader in tools and storage, it had also
developed many different of business, which includes engineered fastening solutions, pipeline
services and infrastructure products, their products
and services are diversity, it can suitable for all different type of
industrial to use. As a result, they can earn more profits from different
products and services.


3.2 Good
Quality and Service

Stanley Black & Decker has provided the highest quality of products
and services to customers. They have the most credibility of the UL ISO9001
certification by United States. This certification can give customers
confidence. Also, they have the great after sale service, they have 150 service
centers around the world to provide support and products maintenance services
with customers.


3.3 Global Network

Stanley Black & Decker has more than 130 locations in
more than 20 countries. Their network is cover all over the world, such as
Europe, Asia and Middle East. Therefore, the client can easily to buy their
products and services, it can help them to earn more profits and to be more


3.4 Good Social Image and Reputation

The good reputation and image is very important for a
successful corporate. Stanley Black & Decker think the commitment to social
corporate responsibility is not only the right thing, it is also a condition to
attracting and retaining the top staffs and customers.

So that, they have the sustainability plan “ECOSMART” to
focus on decreasing the environmental impacts, through reducing carbon
emissions and waste generation etc. This activity can bring the positive image
to the company.


3.5 Innovation Technology

Stanley Black & Decker are constantly developing the new
technologies to maintain their market competitiveness. In 2015, they launched the
Stanley Fulfillment System 2.0 (SFS 2.0), which is their operating system. In
2016, they also launched the “DEWALT FlexVolt” battery system. These systems
can promote the development within the company and already brings them a good


3.6 Good leadership

Jams Loree is a Chief Executive Officer
of Stanley Black & Decker. Under the leading of Loree, there have 4%
organic growth in there 2016 financial results. Stanley Black & Decker has
become the largest and top electronic tool provider all over the world. In
2016, Jams Loree has won the award of “Best Companies of Leadership”.


4.0 The Company’s Strategic Capabilities


4.1 Value Chain





4.1.1 Human Resource Management

In today’s business development path,
human resources is very important, employees are the company’s most important
asset, is the source of competitive advantage. In order to maintain the
company’s service quality, Stanley enhances employees’ ability to work in areas
such as professional skills, interpersonal skills and problem solving through
training programs such as the Stanley black and decker leadership development
program (SLP) The performance of the job. In addition, they developed a system
of effective pay and benefits to attract and retain talent, and he also set up
a rewards program, which would have additional bonuses if employees performed


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