I am working as QA ………………………………………………..I am responsible to design functional and non-functional test scenarios , test cases, test data using testing techniques, Report and track the defects using Jira tool . Conduct Integration testing, Regression Testing to confirm bug fixes. Reviewing manual test cases and understand the requirements for Automation. Executing the test scripts and automation scripts including prerequisites, detailed instructions and anticipated results and report the same to the team. Before going into Actual Work they asked me to get a grip over the following basics:

·      Software Testing Life Cycle

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·      Manual Testing

·      Types of Testing

·      Selenium Web Driver Tool

·      Core Java

·      TestNG, Data Driven Framework

·      Jenkins Execution tool

·      Jira and Bugzilla to report defects

·      Test link, Zephyr

·      Agile_Scrum Methodologies

As they listed out all the requirements that they need. I learnt the complete Manual Testing Methodologies, Agile and Scrum and I am able to identify the functional and non-functional requirements on any given application, I am able to write test cases for the application manually, I brushed up all OOPS Concepts. I am working with Selenium IDE, Fire path. I am trying to understand TestNg framework and running my scripts on Jenkins tool, I am able to report defects on Jira.

Besides, I am now able to write the java script for the application front end. and store everything on Test link. These are the things that I have done from the day I have joined there, everything seems to be fine here and I hope the same continues till the end, I am very Happy to learn so many new things day by day .


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