In majority cases teacher’s role in learner’s educators is vital. This
is probably because a lesson is a mini-life coaching procedure in which every
element impacts child’s improvement. To be more specific, teaching a subject
includes not only explaining a theme and checking homework, but also it has a
morality part, like motivating students, interesting them and punishing. One of
the most effective punishments is reprimanding, telling off a person directly for
doing something wrong. Many assume that verbal reprimand should touch a
person’s heart so that it works well for them. On the other hand, some believe
that a person should never be the object of even minor verbal insults, but they
can be addressed to the wrong action they did. For instance, if a student
misbehaved, fought with a classmate or got an “F” it is better for the teacher
to have a stalk with him about what he did was wrong and explain the reasons.
To this, studies show that students who have good relationship with their
teacher have higher motivation, improvement and better grades rather than the
ones who have lack of interaction or sometimes even bad relation ship with
their teacher.

            However, there are some
students who are uncontrollable and thus need to have a hard word to calm down.
In these cases, I reckon a teacher has no choice but to tell him/her off in
front of everyone with a tough word. For example, in tight-control schools,
such as military schools, commanders are allowed to keep discipline in any way
even by hurting the future soldier. No matter what, they seem to grow into
well-behaved, successful people afterwards.

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            Taking into account all
the sides it’s hard to claim that effectiveness of reprimands depend on
personality factor, meaning they do not have to be insulting, accusing  or oppressing in any way. Explaining what is
good and bad has too many different ways besides this cruel approach. So
students: psychology should not be ruined by teachers’ rude words against them.

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