According to Newman, New Wars are
represented by the transformation of society and the state failure due to
liberal economic forces; private armies and criminal warlords often organized according
to some form of identity, and gives rise to competition over natural resources.

He explains that ethnic and religious conflicts are more characteristics of new
wars that political ideology. The Bosnian civil war was a typical example. The
fighting was represented by mandatory human displacement, the violation of
human rights and the politics of ethnic identity. Edward Newman states: “Globalization
is an important component of the political economy of New Wars, and the
starting point is that the ages of globalization is characterized by a gradual
erosion of state authority.” (Edward Newman, 2014). In Kaldor’s eyes, wars have
been created based on globalization that have formed an identity crisis where
people who crave power believe they need to fight for what they call a “Identity
War”. She also discusses that society has been separated due to globalization which
is divided into two groups, where some people take advantage 

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