Abstract: towards the use of sleep aids. Results:



Background: Sleep disorders affect large
number of population worldwide. They may be associated with reduced sleep
duration or quality, and may affect cognitive functions and quality of life. Objectives:
The study was conducted to evaluate the Saudi
people’s sleep problems and assess their attitude toward medical treatments. Method: Cross
sectional based-survey was conducted among Saudi public during November – December
2017. The questionnaire included
3 parts, the first identify the socio-demographic data of the participants, the
second assess the public sleep habits and sleep disorders, and the third assess the
current practice and attitudes of
Saudi general population towards the use of sleep aids. Results: 40.7% of the respondent reported
short duration of sleep (less than 6 hr), 42.4% reported 7-8 hr and only 16.9% reported
more than 8 hr. The most common
sleep disorder reported by the participants was difficulty of falling
asleep. There
was an association between time of sleep during the night and ages of patients,
gender and marital status (P

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