AbstractObesity is often associated with different other diseases

AbstractObesity is a serious health disorder, one that is often associated with different other diseases such as hypertension, diabetes  and poor heart problems. Preventing obesity from childhood as a result of education should be a number one priority. This essay highlights the major causes of obesity as well as any possible effects such a disease might have on the individual and on society in general. Obesity has become a major pandemic problem in Kuwait and around the globe. With over 60 percent of Kuwaiti nationals declared as obese. Obesity is a serious medical condition that affects everybody from young children to adults and does not differentiate between gender. There are a number of causes for the rise of obesity in our society like an over eating lifestyle or genetics and there are many effects of obesity such as serious health issues, eating disorders and depression. This essay will talk about the main three causes of the rise to obesity which are lifestyle, education and diet. Furthermore the possible effects of these causes will be discussed. The first cause of obesity is the current lifestyle. Studies conducted in Saudi Arabia show that there is a major link between obesity in children and adolescents and the lifestyle that they live. (Rasheed, 1998)  gulf countries like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are desert countries in witch the normal weather is usually very hot and near  for outdoor exercise. Because of this, adolescent males and females are not able to take advantage of any outdoor lifestyle activities and spend most of their time in shopping mall, cinemas, gathering and theatres all of which are places that are heavily targeted by food marketing agencies. Another reason of obesity that is linked with lifestyle is diet. The gulf and Kuwait in general puts allot of attention to restaurants and food where most of our diet comes from. Furthermore, the food of many Arab traditional families usually contains high salt, oil and sugar content. This makes the diet for Kuwaitis an unhealthy one that increases the chance of becoming obese. The last cause of obesity that is directly linked with the lifestyle and diet of a person is education and general knowledge. People who have an inactive lifestyle and poor eating habits in their diet usually do so because of a lack of awareness and/or knowledge of the possible effects and consequences of becoming obese. Because of the low awareness, there is no restraint that the individual would personally have and would only come aware after they have become obese. There are several effects on the individual that becomes obese. Being extremely overweight comes with allot of serious health issues. According to the world health organisation ‘obesity is becoming one of the most important contributors to ill health’. These are usually because the body needs to work extra due to the increase in weight or due to the pressure of the weight on the body. Obesity is a major cause of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and other conditions. The quality of a person’s life also suffers because they would find it difficult to enjoy exercise and move around. Another result and effect of being obese is a lack of self esteem. Low self-esteem due to weight loss could lead to depression, dangerous crash diets and eating disorders. The last effect is on the country itself. Taking care of obese individuals is expensive for the government in terms of medical care and because obese working people are less productive. In conclusion, obesity is a major cause of serious heath  and mental issues on the individual and its causes are due to a poor diet, lifestyle and a lack of knowledge on the former two points. I recommend that people get educated on the consequences of poor eating habits before it’s to late

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