“Accounting my overall development. After careful consideration, it

was the course that helped me more than anything” a quote by Julian Robertson has inspired me ever since I read it in school. My
interest and fascination with accounting started when I was in 11th class.


My academic experiences impressed upon
me the importance of accounting in the modern business world, as well as the
crucial role played by management in the ultimate direction and success of a
company. As my interest in this areas developed, it became clear that the
pursuit of postgraduate education in these areas, ideally in Australia, is the
logical next step in my overall development. After careful consideration, it
has become clear to me that developing a successful career in accounting in the
modern business environment requires advanced training in accounting and I aspire
to study the course at your college because it is amongst the most highly rated
postgraduate programs offered in Australia

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I have
always been keen on learning and had a good academic track record. I did my
under graduation in B.com (H) from Delhi university, one of the most reputed
universities in India and got placed in India Info line Limited- one of India’s
leading financial services firm. Post that, I decided to do my MBA in Finance
from Symbiosis international university, one of the top universities of India.

In addition
to my work in the classroom, I was an active member of campus and part of
college committee where I acquired a unique blend of experiences. I organized
the college festivals, planning details of the event with my team members and
ensuring that everything goes smooth.

Whilst I was
in the 4th Semester of my MBA degree I was offered a job by
Accenture. At Accenture, I have been working as a senior analyst on a project
for top US based client for almost 2 years now. I am an offshore lead for a
team consisting of 7 members and we have been exceeding expectations of the
client and recently received the best rating. In my time span at Accenture, I
have received the highest rating for my work and recognition from the Accenture
leadership and the client. This experience has helped in improving my
leadership skills, one of the key skills required for this course apart from
giving me exposure to interact with professionals from diverse backgrounds.

By studying
in your master’s program, I hope to broaden my international perspective,
improving my language skills, and refining my knowledge of accounting. Your
program in Accounting and Management will enable me to achieve the goals I have
set for myself. With my extensive foundation in finance, I am convinced that I
can cope well with the demands of your master’s program.  I expect to have a long career in this field
and benefit a wide range of companies.

university, with its mix of people from different backgrounds, is a true
microcosm of the international business world and thus the ideal place in which
to pursue a business-based education. In this way, I hope to become a leading
professional in my field. I hope, in all earnestness and eagerness to receive
an offer of admission from you.


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