After she had a thriving career as an


After more than 120 years of history, St. George’s School has finally
appointed its very first female chaplain in the person of Rev. Jackie
Kirby.  She will be officially introduced
and appointed at 9.45 a.m. on Thursday, January 18 while service is being


Rev. Kirby’s religious journey has been a traditional one. She has her
family roots within the outskirts of Baltimore, where she grew up. Being part
of a household with Episcopal beliefs had a great impact on her childhood
years, although her faith was overshadowed by other undertakings when she
reached high school and got into university for college.


Religion became a focal point in her life once again while she had a
thriving career as an English and Expository Writing Professor at the Boston
University years after graduating from college. Her Episcopal belief was
reinforced by the amazing sermons conducted by a Buddhist pastor at a Unitarian
Church where she attended service regularly. This circumstance was the main
factor that brought her back to Yale’s divinity school, her alma mater where
she received her undergraduate degree in literature. From there, she went on to
St. George. Kirby has said that St. George is the one and only place she would
like to be because of the good things she heard about the school, and she has
been there since 2014.


The Rev. Jackie Kirby who also earned a Ph. D. in comparative
literature from New York University shares a 9-year old daughter with husband,
Ed.  They moved into the campus premises
recently, where she holds two classes per trimester, and conducts religious


Kirby disclosed that her appointment as St. George’s first woman
chaplain makes her feel very blessed, and accepts all the responsibilities that
come with it.  She adds that she wants to
be a good role model for all the young women in the campus – where she aspires to
endorse better understanding, wellness and the identification of different


The Right Rev. W. Nicholas Knisely, Rhode Island’s bishop said the Rev.
Kirby’s addition and ministry at St. George’s community is perfect. He goes on
to say that her credentials make her the ideal choice to do ministry work with
the personnel and students of the school. Whenever her work schedule permits, Rev.
Jackie Kirby visits female inmates at Cranston prison, spends time with her
family, goes mountain biking, and does heavy and speed bags boxing training.

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