Do that she has a retroflex uterus, so

you know encouragement, motivation, inspiration, and enthusiasm are just a few
synonyms for women? She makes the world beautiful and helps people to grow
towards the right perspective. Women can make everything complete and lovable,
but a woman is incomplete without having a baby. Infertility is a growing
problem not among aged women, but also faced by young couples.

a couple starts to plan for a baby, they have many dreams for their baby, but
after several tries when they don’t get any success they become desperate.
However, some couples try for a long time, but after not getting the success
they analyze that they are facing infertility. Once a couple comes to me to
know what is wrong with them that they can’t able to conceive as they are
trying for last 3 consecutive years.

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checked her and after some medical analysis, I came to know that she has
endometriosis, and she needs a laparoscopic surgery. I find that she has a
retroflex uterus, so we decided during the laparoscopy, he should perform a uterine
suspension. I completed the laparoscopic surgery and she followed me for next
two weeks. During her visit, I told her that everything is healing up nicely
and you and your husband can now begin having natural intercourse again. Then
the couple started having intercourse that evening without protection.


day she noticed that her breast is in great pain and her periods are about to
start. Basically, she had ignored those symptoms because her menses have always
come on different timings. Next day without any delay, she performed a
pregnancy test that was negative. After that, she comes to me and asks if she
should start taking progesterone. After normal analysis, I suggested her that
yes she can take progesterone. When she reached home, she noticed her PT and
saw that there were two lines on that PT. She was a bit confused and tested
again, and this time it was positive. She called me to give this good news. She
gave birth to her healthy baby after 9 months. And she was able to achieve this
happy moment just after a step taken by her towards her happiness.


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