Domestic and must always stay on to of

Domestic renewable


energy is one of the fastest growing and changing industry in the world. There
is always a high demand for highly skilled workers. With new innovative technology,
professionals will never stop learning and must always stay on to of the latest
trends and committed in order be successful in the field. One clean renewable
energy that has long served as a power source to humans is wind, producing no
air or water pollution. 1

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that are the windiest clearly benefit the most from wind power and in Europe,
UK is one of the windiest. This is especially good during winter as this is
when it is the windiest, which is also when electricity is used the most. Wind
is natural, cannot run out and will always exists, this is not the case for
fossil fuels which is what the world mostly relies on massively still to this

Recently in
the UK a wind farm has been officially opened, using the world’s most powerful
offshore wind turbines that has enough power to generate power for 230,000
homes. 2 Pushing innovation in this way reduces the cost of
electricity from offshore wind and will help to advance the offshore wind
industry across the world. Creating better futures and more careers for engineers.

energy is a green energy source and the potential of power it can produce is
enormous, approximately 20 times more than what the entire human population
needs. 3 Although wind power only accounts for a small percentage of
the worldwide electricity produced, it is growing an incredibly fast rate. This
results in lowering costs and contributes in the fight against global warming.

countries are trying to go the sustainable route, as renewable energy helps
increase the production of the economy through additions of million jobs and
the same time energy prices would be lower and helping customers save money.

codes, legislation and regulation apply to wind energy development. Permitted
development rights for smaller wind turbines at domestic level, can be exempt
from planning permissions, if subjected to certain limits and conditions.  “Recently wind farms which had an output of
over 50MW were classed as nationally significant infrastructure projects to be
consented by the secretary of state.  The
energy Act 2016 and regulations made under it returned the decision-making
process for these wind farms back to local planning authorities.” 4

health and safety management are recognised by all responsible organisations.
This helps protect people causing and suffering accidents. This is helpful as
it reduces absences, retains staff and maintains a reputation. Under the health
and safety at work Etc. Act 1974 it imposes general duties upon: Employers,
employees and the self-employed. 5












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