Engaging access to accommodations, and facilities. v Skill

Engaging employees with disabilities at workplace

Some of the efforts which companies need to take to engage the employees with disabilities are:

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v  Involvement: top management involvement

v  Policies: sound and supportive human resource policies

v  Environment: efforts to create an inclusive environment to support disabled employees among other employees

v  Collaboration: collaboration with non-governmental organizations to update their skills regularly

v  Infrastructure:  modifications in the infrastructure to support the disabled employees

v  Commitment: build up leadership commitment honest commitment towards leadership requires leaders to institute the employment of people with disabilities as a priority. They should place people with disabilities in leadership positions, communicate their actions and commitment inside and outside of their company, and, preferably, find their fervor.

v  Accountability:  create a position and identify a person who will be in charge of attracting, engaging, and advancing people with disabilities and make sure that person gets the required support and resources which they need to be successful. That person should be made accountable for achieving objectives of the company. Before giving the final offer consider the character of the candidate along with their competence in hiring decisions.

v  Identity: managers should make it safe to identify people with disabilities. Managers should develop an organizational climate that makes it safe to disclose and provide solid reasons to disclose, such as flexible work options, technology, access to accommodations, and facilities.

v  Skill levels: managers should raise understanding and skill levels of their employees. Training should be imparted to all employees on manners and consideration. Managers should be aware of their role in level playing field, particularly their responsibility in eliminating unintended biases and inequities, they should know how to interview impartially and fully understand their accountabilities and legal responsibilities. 

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