Hitler’s Germany in 1933. He gained support by

Hitler’s Rise and FallDevin DoreEnglish IVDuring the aftermath of World War I, Germany became economically depressed and politically unstable resulting in disputes and the formation of various organizations with the goal of restoring the country. One such group was the German Workers Party, known for the man who would be considered one of the most infamous villains of modern history. Adolf Hitler became the leader of the German Workers Party in 1921. He was known for being charismatic and manipulative, attracting new members through public speaking by blaming Jews and Marxists for the problems that Germany had fallen into and for espousing extreme nationalism. Once he got leadership of the organization he renamed it the Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party, better known now as the Nazi Party. So what made Germans join the Nazi party and why did they believe the Jews were terrible people?Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933. He gained support by making Jewish people the biggest scapegoat for Germany’s problems. He and his supporters were able to get public support in ostracizing Jews and extinguishing Jewish culture, eventually placing them in concentration camps all throughout Germany. These camps were not only used to confine Jews and other marginalized groups and kill them off, but also for manual labor, torture, experiments, and humiliation where they would be starved and malnourished. One widely known method was the gas chamber. Groups of prisoners would be rounded up into rooms known as gas chambers under the guise of taking a shower and then be gassed. While many were killed in gas chambers, prisoners also died from starvation, being beaten to death, diseases, and other consequences of inhumane treatment.This raises the question of what contributed to the growth of the vile and manipulative man that was Adolf Hitler. Some speculate that the underlying issue was his childhood. Adolf Hitler was born April 20, 1889 in Austria- Hungary to Alois Hitler and Klara Polzl who had six children, of whom only he and one sister survived to adulthood. Hitler dealt with a rough childhood, including an abusive father which could have contributed to many character flaws. In his book Mein Kampf, Hitler depicted his childhood as a perfectly normal childhood. Hitler made it seem as though his mother was a kind, loving woman and his father was a responsible man. This added to his narrative and made it seem as though he had a perfect life and allured his audience. He used the nuclear family aspect to connect with the people of Germany, and trick them into thinking to this was a lifestyle that could be achieved by making the country entirely Aryan.As for his parents themselves, they were not the ideal image he tried to give off in his book Mein Kampf. Hitler’s parents Alois Hitler and Klara Polzl were not the perfect parents. Although Hitler made it seem that way, they had many issues; his father was a alcoholic and abused the family and his mother was too scared to leave. This led to issues with their kids and is believed to have contributed to Hitler’s future turning out to the way it did. Hitler’s father was in the military and had many assignments throughout Austria. In 1875 he became the inspector of customs but could not further his rank due to lack of school degrees. He later died on January 3rd in 1903 from pleural hemorrhage. Klara Hitler his mother spent her adulthood taking care of her children and worked as a household servant. After her husband Alois died, the government gave her a pension which they used to move to Linz, Austria. Klara Hitler died four years later in 1907 on December 21st from breast cancer, leaving Hitler and his sister devastated and to fend for themselves. Historians have determined Hitler’s promotion of hatred toward Jews to stem from World War I. After the war, he blamed the Jews for the Russian revolution and the collapse of the German economy. Anti-Semitism began to spread in Germany. As it spread throughout Germany, Jews were isolated into ghettos and racial theories were formed accusing Jews of stabbing Germany in the back. In Hitler’s mind, everything wrong with Germany was the Jews fault. His political outlook mixed with his racial outlook on the Jews and included Slavs and Gypsies are part of the problem. No matter how untrue his thoughts were the German population still believed what was being propagated which led them to think the Jews were responsible for the decline in the German nation. Germany’s economic depression hit the country hard in 1930, only fifteen years after their defeat in World War One. Due to the economic depression, the citizens began to lack confidence in their government. The conditions in the government and the desperation to build their economy created the perfect opportunity for a new leader to rise and Adolf Hitler took the chance. Hitler was very good at compelling people into believing the words he said and having them follow him. He made promises to the German population to improve their living situation, and make Germany a glorious place again. The Nazi Party targeted attention from the unemployed, young people, and the lower middle class. The Nazi Party’s rise to power was very quick, in 1933 Germany had a elected their new chancellor who they believed would be their savior. Once Hitler was in power he began to make changes, the first change being suspension of individual freedoms of press, speech, and assembly. He ordered special security forces to murder or arrest leaders of opposition political parties. The Nazis began to put their racial ideology to the test. They believed that they the Germans were the superior race. The Nazi began to focus their attention to the Jews, blaming them for Germany’s economic depression and the country’s loss in World War I. New German laws forced Jewish citizens out of their jobs and relegated them to second class citizens. Between 1937 and 1939, Jews were segregated, which made their lives and daily activities difficult. Jews could not participate in public school, attend theaters, or vacation resorts, or even walk in certain parts of German cities. One of the most famous and deadly riots in history was Kristallnacht which took place in 1938 and was planned by the Nazis. This attack arrested and murdered many German and Austrian Jews and after this attack, Jews were isolated into concentration camps.The first concentration camp was formed in Dachau, by the end of the war 22 main concentration camps were established,along  with several smaller camps.  Concentration camps were made for the sole purpose of mass murdering Jews and other victim groups. Being a prisoner in these camps meant that the Jews and other victim groups were forced with inhuman labour, brutal mistreatment, hunger, disease,and random executions While Hitler was in charge of the National Socialist German Workers Party,  it turned out to be one of the biggest movements during World War II. Hitler and his Nazi Party conquered many countries in their path. After conquering Poland he began to focus on invading and defeating Britain and France with the goal of expanding Germany. Germany had many alliances in the war, notably with Japan and Italy, and a nonaggression agreement with the Soviet Union. However, the fall of Germany began with the failed Blitzkrieg invasion on the Soviet Union. When the United States entered the war, Germany ended up fighting the war against North Africa, Italy, France, the Balkans, and the Soviet Union. At the beginning of the war, Germany was fighting for its beliefs, to be heard, and to dominate the world but as the war came to a close, Germany was fighting to keep its culture and country alive.Once the war ended in 1945, Germany had to regroup and rebuild. While the war had many negative impacts on Germany, overall it had left some good effects in the world. Without World War II, Germany would have never been able to move on beyond the Hitler stage and Germany would have still been dominated by the Nazi Party. Germany was then able to open its government to new possibilities. Germany is now allied with the United States and hosts many military bases and is on good terms, and their economy is striving. The most significant negative effect the war had on Germany at the time was the economic fall. The moniker and world’s outlook Germany was given and the devastation of losing two wars had a major effect. Even though Germany had lost the war, Hitler had won in his mind by using manipulation by words to trick Germans into joining the Nazi Party and that Jews were the real enemy. On April 30th 1945 Hitler died and the war ended. Hitler had built a underground bunker when Germany was starting lose in the war. Underground in the bunker Hitler would coach his Army on what to do and when. Hitler hid in the underground bunker out of fear of being caught by the Soviet Union. Once the Russian troops started to invade Hitler said he was going to kill himself before he was caught by the Soviets. When the time came Hitler swallowed a cyanide bullet then shot himself in the head. This ended Hitler’s dream of his 1,000 year reich.

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