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“How has the development of e-learning affected the high school education in U.S?”
 The way of gaining education has been different with changing time. E-learning is one of the most advanced tools which have changed the present education into a new level. It is basically learning process through electronic devices, conducted from any places with the help of internet connection. In today’s era, students find e-learning an easy way for learning. So, it is used in many schools, colleges and even one can reach it from home. It has helped them to learn the things beyond boundaries. There are different websites and app for e-learning. Most of them need an internet connection to get access. Mostly teenagers are being greatly influenced by e-learning.
E–learning is slowly progressing in the world. It is not spread all over the world but it is gradually replacing the orthodox method of teaching. E-learning has advantages as well as disadvantages but in my opinion the advantages value more over disadvantages. The disadvantages such as not particularly focusing in the class, using websites unrelated to studies, accessing inappropriate websites etc. solely depends upon the individuals using e-learning. The advantages such as vast range of data, multi-tasking, better management of files and resources, etc. makes E-learning very advantageous. With continuous development in technology, E-learning also has advantages in environmental aspect. 
According to a research, it is found that those who use online resources get the higher grade than those who don’t use such resources.1This shows,  it help student gets more ideas and resources compare to what they get from books. Day by day new websites is being launched to fulfill the learning need of the people. These desires are increasing mostly among teenagers. They are greatly affected by those learning tools. In the USA there is more than 3 million enrollments in different online courses. 2Different universities, schools, and college, as well as the private office, offer those online courses to help student study online. Some of them are free of cost where some need payment. Those e-learning tools provide an easy way to get an education degree.
 E-learning has a great impact on teenagers in High school. E-learning has made it easier for teenagers in high school to get study resources. In US, use of technology in education is very common. It is used very frequently and almost every educational institute in US use it including high school. High school is very important part of a person’s life. It shapes a person for higher education in universities and in daily life. It also plays an important role to help one select his career path. Teenage is the changing phase of life. In this phase, they either follow good habit or bad habit. E-learning also plays a great role for their life changing moment. Some teenagers take e-learning seriously as the helpful resource for study whereas some teenagers do bad things and forget their study. E-learning is helpful if used in the correct manner and it is also very dangerous if used in the wrong way. There is always a good side as well as bad side for everything. 
E-learning is a very advantageous. It is very useful. In America there are many schools that use e-learning. Mostly the teenagers are the ones that use e-learning. E-learning is using technologies and incorporating them with education. E-learning has both advantages as well as disadvantages. In many high schools in US, e-learning is the principle in which classes runs. It is beneficial to students but it still can hamper few students. E-learning is developing over time along with various technology. In US, E-learning has affected education to teenagers in high school to a great extent.
Using technology in class has lots of benefits. In case of US, teenagers are very benefited through using technology in class. There are many positive benefits of using technology in class to teenagers studying in high school at US. Use of technology in class is new thing in the world. In US, it is done to a very big extent. Some advantages few students in US are experiencing are access to information, easy method to make documents, different sources in the Internet, interesting classes, and options for future planning. Since using technology in class is done from computer, it can be operated from anywhere with the help of internet connection. People from every nook and corner of the world have access to it. People can learn beyond the boundaries. It is also very cost effective. There are many websites and apps which provide free access of education to the student. In a way it has also helped in the development of U.S.
One of the benefits of Using technology in class is Access to information. Access to information is very important to teenagers. Information regarding studies or anything in the world can be accessed from the internet. The access to information helps students save time compared to going to the library to find a book regarding the topic. Access to information provides student with the eligibility to learn new things. It also allows students to create their idea about anything. This has impacted on teenagers to a great deal. Teenagers have access to information related to different things. They won’t be dumb and stupid. According to a research by pewresearch.org, 93% of teenagers from age 12-17 go online.{3} 

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Another benefit of using technology in class is making documents. In a computer, students are able to do work in their devices. The data and files can be accessed from almost anywhere. They are not bond to do work from a certain place. They are also able to create various forms of data such as words, tables, charts etc. They are easier to read as well as there is no problem such as bad handwriting. The documents can be grouped together and they can be used for study purpose. Students are able to acquire an impressive level of skill with a broad range of computer software. The software tools may likely change before these students enter the world of work, the students acquire a basic understanding of how various classes of computer tools behave and a confidence about being able to learn to use new tools that will support their learning of new software application.{4} The teenagers are greatly benefitted by the tools in computer. It is very easy for them to continue in the future if they have this knowledge. 
Another advantage of using technology in class is the variety of sources and data in the internet. In the internet there is a huge amount of data. Just Google has approximately 10-15 exabytes ( an exabytes is equal to 1million terabytes) of data. 
Grades have been improved with better learning experience through the development of technology in the class. It has changed all the environment of the traditional classroom into a new shape. Students are able to handle more complex assignments and do more with higher-order skills because of the supports and capabilities provided by technology. This is so because they are able to learn not just through their teachers but they are also able to learn through various sources they find in the internet. {4} Teenagers are greatly benefited by use of technology in classroom.  Technology empowers teenagers to be more connected and be creative. Moreover, technology is useful as a tool to help teenagers in performing authentic tasks. The teenagers are in a position to define their own goals, make design decisions, and evaluate progress. All this is possible because of the various sources you can find in the internet. {6}
Using technology in classes also makes learning fun. Technology today allows teenagers to study at their own pace. For instance, a large percentage of applications allow for customized instruction. Teenagers learn according to their personal needs and abilities. There are many cases of teachers adding video games in the lessons to make it interesting. 
Along with many good benefits of E-learning, there are a some bad sides too. These cases are common in teenagers studying in high school. Many teenagers all over the world are facing problems such as Cyber bullying and bad influences through the internet. There are also cases of some teenagers such as leaking of nudes, committing suicide because of cyber bullying, etc. There are also cases of fraud done to students through internet. Some students also choose to follow bad influences. They are attracted to some bad stuff such as smoking weed, watching pornographic materials etc. They also tend to use technology for purposes beside studies. These serve as dis tractions to studies. Some bad sides of E-learning involve stuff such as distractions for studies, hamper to physical health, addiction to electronic devices, under rated stuff, cyber bully, bad influences etc.
Distractions for studies are one of the major thing in the bad side of E-learning. Technologies not just serve as means of information, it also serve as means of entertainment. There are many students that don’t concentrate in the class instead they play with their devices. (article on distractions in class).  

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Image source: https://guides.turnitin.com/@api/deki/files/13484/image1.jpg?revision=1=bestfit=408=265
There are some more disadvantages of e-learning that affects the study of high school students. There will be less face to face interactions to the students(i). Some of the courses are operated only through video conferences and webinars. This makes students less interaction with the subject materials. They cannot talk more openly with the teacher and share their understanding.
News: There was an article in INSIDE HIGHER ED published in September 5, 2017 which talks about the professor view who tells students they should come to class. This was featured in the Harvard university that students are encouraged to attend all the lectures in class. A  year before the professor said its okay that students watch videos for every lecture. But later they found out that students have less interaction watching the lectures and energy of the audience was missing. And many former students reported on this matter. So, they encouraged students to be present in the live lectures which will enhance their learning experience. There are  similar case in many schools that have adopted the similar concept. They might also get the similar kind of problems in future. It can cause many problems and affect to the students. Also, trouble with their learning content. There was one study by American institutes which shows that Chicago students recovering Algebra 1 credit through online weren’t as successful as their friends who received face to face interaction. Also, the students taking online lesson were less confident and don’t like math as their peers.
 Similar to the above scenario, there are about 200 online charter schools in U.S. who delivers students instructions only through the medium of telecommunication. There are more than 200,000 students who study in such online charter school in elementary, middle and high school. These schools provides education only through online platform. They are also finding the similar problems between the less interaction of students with the teacher. If such similar case is promoted, the teacher will be unable to keep track on their student study. It mainly divides students in different category based on their knowledge. Some students might have depression if they get less interaction with the teachers. Students lack constant motivation from the teachers which leads to many psychological problems. These all factors should be consider by online charter schools.Teenagers is age where students get distracted from many factors. The education system should be more friendly to them. Online learning promotes the student education but it should be promoted within classroom. High schools students should be encouraged to attend classrooms and use e-learning to increase their production in education. E-learning are helpful if used in proper way. They can pause and replay the video lectures when they get confuse. Also, since these videos are kept on internet, it can be access at any time from anywhere. For example: in case a student get sick and cannot attend the lectures, he/she might have access to hit sitting in home. 

Also, learning through technology can cause different physical problems to the students. Students face problems such as back pain, red eye, headache etc. When students are learning through their computers or mobiles phone most of the time, they might face these problem. Nothing is greater than physical health. While undergoing the process of E-learning majority of students are unknowingly affected by these kind of problems. According to the data collected by U.S. government about 27.1% of the high school students do 60 minuses per day of physical activity in a week{9}. This shows that majority, more than half of the students are not aware about physical activity. Most of the teenagers are addicted to their mobiles phones and social media.  This results to decrease in the time of their physical activity. Physical activity helps to promote health of an individual. It improves flexibility and posture of students, who studied in the computer.
9. https://www.cdc.gov/healthyschools/physicalactivity/facts.htm
Also, due to the increase in online learning, there are many frauds website and app in the internet. Students need to be very careful before joining the course. Those students who cannot afford going to school or learn from their home join the online classes rather than traditional class. Some of the online courses are free whereas most them are premium courses. There are lots of these scams in the internet who takes money from the student and don’t provide courses. These kinds of problems are growing as the e-learning industry is developing more. Mainly teenagers are target from these kinds of frauds. The frauds create fake websites similar to the real website and create advertisement.They shows the offer like get the degree from this university in cheap. People think it is true, and go to the website which they make similar to real one. And when students enroll the course they take money from them and does not provide any things. There are various way to check whether the online degree is a scam or not. In US, Department of Education has all the data of accredited high schools. Students can check if the institution is accredited. For that they can go the US Department of education website and search about the institution. This make the student investment safe for education in proper way. Also, student should be aware about the list of resources online program are providing including the contact details and address. If they don’t have those, or contact any staff members they are find suspicious. In the sake of getting diploma from high school online, student get involved in these matters. 
United States have been a major place for students to provide higher level education since many years. Many teenagers from different parts of the world apply the schools in U.S. seeking for better opportunities. Such e-learning has help to promote U.S. education into next level. Students become close to technology and get many advantages from them. And after that, they spread around the world to solve global problem. 
In today’s world, students find it fun to learn from the devices that have dominated most part of their lives such as laptops and smartphones. Most of the high school and universities in the US film their lecturers and make them access to students all around the world. This have encourage teachers to make more high quality online courses and keep students engaged in them through the medium of text, videos and face-to-face interactions. Instead of searching books in libraries for hours, they are easily accessible in internet with one search on internet. Some students get knowledge online and then attend class to discuss about subject matter. Few years back, E-learning was lonely experience but at present students can interact with each other in the internet. 
Many courses are designed based on social life and motivating students throughout. Some of the courses such as engineering and art does require to be a part of traditional classroom where they design lots of things. But these areas are also being developed to promote online learning. With the involvement of traditional and technology in the classroom the education levels are being digitalized. E-learning has not occupied completely to the traditional classroom. Learning process are just being reshaped to other level with the main goal of promoting education. Indeed it has given quite better result in the present compared to the one where students take part in traditional classroom.. Student want digital technology to be the part of their learning experience.  In present it is hard to find a teenagers with smartphones. And most of them are always busy in them. Teenagers communicate with each other in social media using their devices rather than meeting in a person. Their way of interacting with each other are changing with time. Technologies can help in these aspects to promote their learning experience by blending them into their lives. 
As a famous anthropologist, Margaret Mead said, “If children do not learn the way we teach, we must teach the way they learn.” Todays kids don’t learn the way as they used to do in the past. Smartphones and technology are used to learn are present and it shows quite better result. 

Jessie Woolley-Wilson at TEDxRainier

Teenagers want to be in their comfort zones most of their time. Through these online technologies they can learn sitting anywhere they feel comfort. Some feel comfort in their bed, sofa, home. E-learning is making all these changes to make feel student that learning is easy. As we compared to these data in the past, students find it much more difficult to go to school and learn. It is because they don’t want to be in difficult situation where they have to wake up on time, go to school and makes notes. In todays world, e-learning has made it possible to learn at any time, learn from any place and get digital notes in their smartphones. US Department of education has been promoting e-learning with the view of making education more fruitful and enjoyable. Failure rate has been constantly decreasing with the help of E-learning in recent years. US being the leading country has promoted and influenced e-learning in many countries around the world. It is standing as a role model around the world for creating perfect human resources.

E-learning is very popular in many colleges and schools in America. It has replaced notebooks and textbooks. Technology has many advantages such as it is light, easier to manage, stores more data, can multitask, etc. It is more preferable compared to orthodox method of teaching which involves teacher repeating the same thing that is in the textbook. In E-learning, the students are allowed to access data from various sources all over the world. It also makes learning easier as well as interesting. It also creates opportunity for students to interact with each other and participate in discussion. E-learning is greatly used and many students are able to avoid the bad side of E-learning. Those bad sides such as cyber bullying are not common to everyone. It happens on rare occasion and just because of a case other students must not be deprived of their rights. 
E-learning make a student more self motivated and independent. It makes more people accessible  to students to help them in the subject matter with the help of internet and other technologies. It has make the world look very small for everyone. Most of the people who have internet can get education. No-one is differentiate on the web. Learning is for everyone and education need to be reached among the people who cannot afford going to school. E-learning has helped overcome many such difficulties in education that people used to face in the past. It is very cost effective for long term use and everyone love using these technologies. Many of the study materials are very digitized and they are way more cheaper. Many of the text book which cost lots of dollar can be get on internet for free. And talking about the book, digital books are more convenient and better than physical books in many way. It can be kept on a our devices and can be accessed both online and offline, which is more safer and easier rather than carrying it. Online learning are way more cheaper than attending traditional classroom. Cause it is made affordable to be accessed by wide range of people.
E-learning is a new concept of learning. It is integrating technology with education to provide resources for learning to students. The adaptive technologies used in learning learn about the learner when they learn. The algorithms used to create these tools help a learner choose what to learn next in the internet. Not every students are same and have same capability. Internet provides them with various learning lesson according to their needs and capability. It is very hard to know these things in traditional classroom. The intelligent adaptive technology learn about the students and provide them with the results on the data they input, their hobby and shows various of options. It helps them to enhance their learning experience and help to choose the right course.  It is a key to unlock the learning capability of a child. Not every people in the world have the privilege to E-learning. People in few parts of the world don’t have access to E-learning. Some people can’t afford E-learning. Some cultures restrict E-learning. Some places prefer orthodox method of teaching compared to E-learning. E-learning is not accessible in many parts of the world despite the advancement in technology. In my opinion, E-learning should not be restricted instead it needs to be promoted since it is very advantageous.

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