I Technology Tower. Although our team did not

I am submitting this application for
the Stipendium Hungarian Scholarship Programme
2018-19 to further my education in Computer / Information Science.
I wish to pursue my Master studies at your esteemed institution, as I believe
that a Master degree in Computer Science will help me to unveil my ultimate
goal, which is to explore myself and as
well as this vast field of technology which has
to offer me to discover something new edge according to my field a lot
of work has yet to be done to meet the requirements of world. For that, I needed to be a part of an institution which could offer me a quality
education and research-based studies so
that I could be transformed into a well educated.

I was early introduced to computers and
soon realized that human could “talk” to computers through
programming languages. Later in my school days, when I connected two computers
with a serial cable, executed my application and watched the files being
transferred, I was fascinated to learn that computers could also
“talk” to each other. That first interest in computer networks grew
gradually through my undergraduate years and fuelled my lifelong goal of
becoming a network expert, which motivates me to apply for your (programme).

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I decided to study in the master’s program
in Computer Science to develop my skills in programming and developing web
pages, through my practice after graduation I thought of more expansion in the
development of the Internet pages. My dream to be a software development and
design expert websites in adding to the increase of knowledge in networking and

As I have been involved in organizing
events like Cricket, football and a member of the Crown organizing committee. I
have a passion for hard work and have the good
stamina I took part in Logo Designing Competition in Arfa Kareem
Technology Tower. Although our team did not secure any significant position the
amount of gamed knowledge from failures set course for the success in future.

I am sure that such an environment
will bring out the best in me and help me scale new heights I am convinced that
I will achieve my career goals with concern in your esteemed institution.

I would like to thank you in advance for
considering my application.

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