In believes that he has power over her.

In the novel, Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald, it is evident that the issue of materialism was common at the time he wrote the novel. Being rich is associated with being irresponsible and a ticket to having the woman one chooses. Women are seen as commodities as Jay works hard through illegal deals to win over Daisy. This is seen in both Tom and Jay Gatsby. Money is seen to draw people from one location to another as there are some who are able to escape crimes for example Daisy after the murder she commits. Many characters in this novel start life in the East but as soon as they acquire wealth, they move to the West. This is symbolic of how many rich people with their cultures and traditions upon becoming wealthy. This shows that riches erode values and they value the prestige that is usually accompanied by these riches. Money and wealth hence bring irresponsible behaviors and unlike what most people believe, it does not bring the happiness expected.Jay Gatsby believes that when Daisy realizes that he is rich, he will win over her. This shows that he is irresponsible as he does not value nor respect the fact that she is married to Tom. He spends money carelessly hosting parties to attract Daisy, a woman who has settled down with another man and who promises him no future together (Fitzgerald 111).  Tom, on the other hand, believes that having money means getting into any relationship he wishes. He has a mistress whom he beats up but still believes that he has power over her. It shows how selfish he is when herealizes that Daisy is having a relationship since he too has had one but he does not want his wife to experience the same. The rich do not display love for each other and this is shown by Daisy and Tom. They are rich but are not happy. Jay too is rich but not happy (Fitzgerald 87). The people who have always attended his parties do not attend his burial. This is an illustration that riches and materialism repel genuine friends attracting those who are not genuine

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