In their importance of the geographical location which

In the beginning of fifteenth century the age of exploration has been started between the most powerful empires in the region. After falling of Rome many countries wanted to take a lead in expansion. Portuguese and Spain were the two pioneers in this filed to take a place beside the Dutch, Britain and French. The competition between them was fierce on the subcontinent and despite developing thriving colonies in many places of the world, it reaches in certain places an outbreak of war. When Prince Henry take the role and become a leader, the Portuguese has been very active in exploring and searching for opportunities to expand their empire. The Prince Henry whom named as “The Navigator” has focused on Arab’s trade routes and was greedy and ambitious to take over these routes, which were two main routes; the red sea trade route and Arabian gulf trade route, both routes were controlled by Arabs “Mamluk” and were collected heavy taxes upon any one who moves through their lands. In Additional Portuguese were searching for a new trade routes to Asia by sailing around the coast of Africa. Therefore, they start to take control over the east spasificly Hormuz and the Arabian gulf. Because of their importance of the geographical location which allows development of trade and maritime activities. Other reasons behind the Portuguese invasion of the east part of the world and Indian ocean was economic, religious and political. In term of economic the main reason was to take controlled over Arab’s trade routes between the east and west, which was collecting a big amount of taxes and controlling over most important navigation lines In term of religious, Portuguese were planning and targeting to end the role of the Muslims in the region while their expansion. Prince Henry put his effort in the catholic church in order to increase its following and in eastern Europe, pop Nicholas considered a preparation for a new attack against Muslims in the east. While the political reason of Portuguese was to build up a bigger empire by expansion of the colonialism in most important places in the world that focused on Asia and Africa. Portuguese were very interested to take over Bahrain and make it one of their main colony in the region in their expansion plan in the east, for its special geographical location and its role. It was the heart of the maritime transportation and trades between east and west. Also, the known of famous pearls trades.

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