It is a great source of convenience for


is 21st century now and that time has gone where we have to update every
application individually. For upgrading the applications in your computer
system, Iobit introduced lightweight software known as “Driver Booster”.  It automatically
updates the drivers and is known to be one of the best software. With the
driver booster software, you don’t need to perform the updates periodically. So
it is a great source of convenience for the operating system users. It provides
a great deal of flexibility as it avoids the multiple installations of the

this software obsolete drivers can be easily replaced with the new updated
latest drivers from the cloud archive. Before installing a new driver, a
restore point has been created. This software program has been recognized by leading
international organizations and has a very high rating among the programs.  

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are two versions of Driver Booster. They are Free and Pro. Through both
these versions, users can easily download the latest drivers and can get the
newest driver with just one click.


Detection of
obsolete drivers:

the driver booster starts, the user is welcomed by an intrinsic layout and a
list of outdated drivers and another list with up-to-dates ones. Additionally,
this tool
distinguishes and offers itemized data about device drivers and parts of any
game running on the PC

is a main panel of the program which consists of the status of the driver
performance e.g. good, very bad, and extremely bad. The scan mode can be
activated with just one click and the last scan can also be viewed.

looks of the application can also be changed by opting some new themes. They can
be changed through altering the transparency and wavering the font size.

Update or
uninstall drivers:

booster is the software which can easily and automatically download the
required updates and install them. The driver booster has a feature of
automatically creating a system restore point. With the help of this feature
the user can easily backslide he changes if any error or malfunctions occurred.

Intuitive configuration

isn’t anything which can be complicated while going through a configuration
panel, although you can easily pinch through many parameters. And the user can
be comforted by getting and opening the app at Windows Startup, when the tool
is opened the automated searcher and scan mode turns on. The user can add it by
own reliability whatever suits, it can be daily, weekly or monthly focusing on
you, displaying the drivers which are passed by WHQL test.

utilizing it enables you to automatically scan those devices which are
connected newly to the device, and making it easy for use by just picking up on
the saved directory where all the drivers are stored and downloaded, on its
process it automatically creates a restoring main before the period of driver
installation and builds up a list of those drivers who are being ignored or
skipped during the scanning of the driver’s process and then sets up the
parameters of network.

Features of Driver Booster:

The driver booster works with many windows including Windows 10,
Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Device booster supports numerous device drivers.

If a new driver has been added to the database, the driver will
update automatically with the help of driver booster. There is no need to
update the driver individually and manually.

The complete information has been clearly displayed on the driver.
e.g. its version number, size and release date. Before the update of a new
driver, this information helps in identifying the size and age of the driver.

The drivers which are outdated are exported to a TXT file. It contains
all the information of the driver.

Drivers which are present in the driver booster are labeled
according to the severity of the update. For example, Extremely Old and Old.

Those drivers that are already updated are also shown but in a
separate section from the obsolete ones.

Driver booster also works for outdated game components. It scans
the older game components. For example, Adobe flash player, and Microsoft
Direct X Runtime.

There is a Tools section of driver booster. In this section, there
are certain tools for fixing different faults such as fixing sound errors,
correction of network failures, cleaning up the data of unplugged devices.  



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