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+++JESUS+GRACE+++There are contrasting emotions hit me when I started to go through the poem “To His Coy Mistress” by Andrew Marvell. The poem theme is a lustful inducement for his virgin mistress to have a sexual relationship with him. This poem is organized and has progressional structure. It is consisting of three sections and each part talks about the specific stage of this argumentative persuasion. In the beginning, he doesn’t mind for her persistent refuse if they would have time. Moreover, he needs thousands of years to satisfy his desire towards her.In the turning point, he starts dispute a contrast situation by disputing the useless of her chastity if they died and their lust is in the dust. Finally, the writer in the last part of this poem states that they should take the advantage of being young because they could not be young for a long time and this part is full of energetic and aggressive disputing about love. This shows that how the writer’s desire which is full of manipulation inducements makes him dispute different progressive scenario about there is no time for his mistress’ shyness and they should be making love together. Through the first part of this poem, the poet starts his inducements by warning his lover that there is no time for her shyness and there is no crime for being in love together.He uses religious metaphors to clarify the idea of her refusal and shyness needs the whole life. Furthermore, he disputes an impressive scene about how he needs thousands of years to gratify his needs from her body. The next stage of his argumentative monologue, he tries to dispute another advisory scenario about how her beauty will be no longer exist and her virginity will be eaten by worms. Actually, he tries to turn down her proud and beliefs by stating the fact of death. He uses significant metaphors about the death which have a sense of alert more than seducing sense. Eventually, he tries to urge her to take the advantages of being young. The last part of this poem has aggressive metaphors about the love to show his passion and energy. In conclusion, I can imagine how the theme of the poem is relevant to its metaphors. This poem takes the author’s attempting to have a sexual relationship with his lady despite her conservative character. Moreover, this poem tends to be logical and argumentative. He used the power of lust and death to manipulate her thoughts and turn in her heart. 

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