Like any other country’s literature, the American literature

Like any other country’s literature, the American literature was configured by its history.The history of the American literature commences with the coming of the English-speakingEuropeans in America. Initially, the American literature was basically a colonial literature byEnglishmen authors. John Smith, commonly referred to as the soldier of fortune, has beenattributed with the initiation of the American Literature. Some of John Smith’s principal booksinclude The Generall Historie of Virginia, New England, and the Summer Isles of the year 1624(Franco 12).The utilitarian literature of the 17 th century involved treatises, sermons, biographies,and accounts of voyages. There were few accomplishments in fiction or drama due to thewidespread preconceived ideas against these forms of writing. Popular poetry appeared invarious writings such as The Day of Doom written by Michael Wigglesworth in 1662. All thewritings of the 17 th century were written in a manner similar to the British writings during thattime (Dickstein, Giles & Blair).Some of the 18 th century’s early writings were in line with the old traditions such asMagnalia Christi Americana written by Cotton Mather in 1702. During the AmericanRevolution, poetry was considered an effective weapon by continentals and loyalists; the poemsbasically stated important arguments, urged people to surge forward, and celebrated their heroes.Surname 2Some of the popular poems during this era include Revolutionary War Satires and The WildHoney Suckle written by Philip Freneau. The novel and drama was also a common form ofLiterature in the 18 th century. Contrast drafted by Royall Tyler in 1787 is an example of the firstprofessionally presented American Comedy. The Power of Sympathy drafted by William Hillbrown was the first American novel. The novel mainly centered on informing authors of how toovercome the ancient preconception against this particular form of writing (Hankins 527).After the 1812 war and the American Revolution, the American authors were stronglyencouraged to produce a truly native literature. William Cullen Bryant a famous Americanauthor drafted nature lyrics which evocatively depicted the scene of the New England. Injournalism, Bryant also had a prolonged profession as The Evening Post’s fighting liberal editor.Edgar Allan Poe a known editor and author of the 19 th century wrote various critical essays basedon gothic terror tales and detective tales, for instance, The fall of the House of Usher a gothicstory drafted in 1839 and The Murders in the Rue Morgue a detective story written in 1841(Miller 1114). The raven is an example of a poem written by Edgar during this era. Fiction was acommon form of literature. Some of the works on fiction include The Scarlet Letter written byNathaniel Hawthorne in 1850. Comic writing was also a common form of writing in the 19 thcentury.The nature of humor shifted from the portrayal of character to verbal aspects such asslang, poor spelling, and poor grammar combined with learned illusions and Latinate words.Towards the end of the 19 th century, other American authors advanced towards naturalism, amore developed stage of realism. With the development of journalistic magazines, some authorsbecame known America’s critics. The 20 th century was characterized by significantSurname 3advancements in literary criticism, fiction poetry, and drama. Literary forms of the century wereextremely varied and most authors leaned towards technological developments. The littlemagazines that helped the development of poetry also contributed to the development of fiction.Novels and short stories were basically found on meta-fiction and realism. African-Americanliterature was also a common feature of the 20 th century; this form of literature was characterizedby social and literary criticism. The century was also marked with the development ofmulticultural writing. Some of the writings in the 20 th century included The Dream of GoldenMountains and Slouching towards Bethlehem (Norman 20). Literacy biography was considered anew form of journalism. The 21 st century is characterized by an increased level of advancementsin every literacy form due to the increased technological innovations.

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