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Like most kids, curiosity was natural to me. But when I was curious, it meant I had to learn ‘everything’ there is about the thing that got my inquisitiveness turned on. To top this quirk, I was fortunately born in the era of IT – without which it is hard to imagine life – Healthcare, Agriculture, Finance, Education; it is not possible to name an industry that does not depend on Information Technology. IT is that trailblazer which evolved and enhanced the operation of human senses. It has big impact on business operations. Irrespective of the size of the organization, technology has both palpable and impalpable benefits that will help make money and produce the results that customers require. IT infrastructure affects the workstyle, efficacy and relationships in a business and also enhances the security of confidential information. After four years of undergraduate studies and a few months of industrial experience, I have realized that I want to pursue research and work towards becoming a veteran in the field of Business and Information Systems. To this end, I look forward to pursuing an MSc in Management Information Systems at the Queen’s University.Two years through my undergraduate program, inspired by Stanford Prof. Dan Boneh’s research paper “Ensuring high quality randomness in cryptographic key generation” I became more focused and initiated research on Data Security by developing a simple Windows application on Steganography and Cryptography called “QKCRYPT”. The application was based on encryption and decryption of files and embedding the encrypted data on an image using different ciphers. In the same year, I was invited with an opportunity to assist my Professor in his research work based on “Chaotic Sequence based Steganography for pair-wise Communication”. While working on the research paper, I learned about various Cipher techniques, implementing Cryptosystems, Cryptanalysis and most importantly I was introduced to the world of knowledge generation through academic research.Working with four elite professors to came up with a new algorithm for data hiding was no easy task, it required a lot of patience, great deal of communication to coordinate with all of them and managing time without compensating the quality of the work. The proposed system proved to be an efficient and universal Steganographic system for individual as well as organizational users for pair-wise communication.My internship at Godrej Industries was a great experience. Selected from a rigorous process; this is where I learned how organizations use systems and technology to generate value in business, which I am doing till date in the place where I am working full time. I work at PM Power Consulting Pvt. Ltd., a consulting firm specializing in Software Development methodologies like Agile and DevOps. A unique blend of having both Business and Technology acumen made me bag this exciting opportunity of a to work with some of the veterans of the Indian IT space. I coordinate with 14 senior consultants to understand the digital needs of the organization, devise and execute strategies to fulfill these needs with an aim to grow our business. I play a major role in building a lasting digital connection with our customers in the B2B space using various sources, contributing to the development of our website and associated applications, search engine optimization and online branding.I have never missed an opportunity of being involved in other activities such as teaching programming in C and C++ to three batches of students at National Institute of Information Technology, India. I also worked as a Technical Event Organizer for the Google Student Organization in my college under the Google Student Ambassador Program.  I headed a team of 20 people and was responsible for organizing the team’s composition, structure and hierarchy. I had to lead the teams through various discussions, one-on-one meetings and brainstorming sessions. Meticulous planning, communicating with all the team leaders and proper motivation helped in propelling the team forward. We organized several successful high-tech workshops together as a team. A Master’s degree in Management Information System is going to be the stepping stone for a PhD in this world where research is of utmost importance. Queen’s University’s seamless integration of MSc and Phd is the perfect step for me. I bring to the table new perspectives and ideas which are capable of initiating research in interdisciplinary fields like Big Data. I am also looking forward to work with Dr. Yolande Chan in particular because I find her research closest to my interests.

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