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Many believe that pedophilia can be classified as a sexual orientation like gay, lesbian and transsexual. It’s been said that some Democrats have attempted to normalize pedophilia as a sexual orientation. So if pedophilia is attempted to become a sexual orientation, then when writing our own sexual orientation we should write attracted to boys under 12. Pedophilia is classified as a disease, does that make every other orientation listed below a disease too? Gay, lesbian, transsexual, pansexual? The list goes on. Although we are told to accept one another’s flaws, is this something we should accept?    In 1968, they classified any sexuality as listed above a mental disorder. In a book written about pedophilia classification their, research proves nothing. This description of what a pedophile is sounded faintly vague as well as their scientific research. The poor judgment is the primary reason for strange interventions between homosexuals(Murphy 51). They begin to hide and shy away from society, however that doesn’t stop them. To categorize any disease you must describe symptoms or signs. Without a doubt will there be miscommunication as some diseases have symptoms that are similar (Diamont 244). What makes a pedophile a pedophile? What made them this way? Could it have been something in their genes?    A study was made to determine if there truly is a biological bias between sexual orientation. Identical twins tend to copy each other in looks as well as actions. While non-identical twins tend to have made no significant change from the regular population (Diamont 49). So indefinitely some may say that if we had an identical twin we may choose the same decisions. However, one may believe this to be false as we choose our own decisions, we know right from wrong. We may believe in scientific research, but just like humans make errors so can computers.    In the mind of a pedophile many things go on, and while you may look at someone who looks ordinary on the street they may not be what you believe. It’s quite frightening for us to see a potential offender as someone we know, love or respect. An offender could be someone you hang out with daily, like the young boy who likes hanging with younger kids at the playground. Sometimes he could be in our homes, disguised as those that should be protecting us. Pedophiles could be anywhere and could be anyone. “Pedophiles are socially awkward and emotionally unattached. Because an adult relationship demands such power of intimacy. The attraction towards children come in. It’s an interaction needed as a therapeutic way to relieve their urges. They mentally cannot be inconsistent relationships with adults “(Corcoran 362). Pedophiles need to be in control. Pedophiles wish to fulfill their urges. Pedophilia was classified as a sexual orientation, however, there’s very little information on the origins of sexual preference (age preference) in this case. The question remains. What is the true definition of sexual orientation? “Sexual orientation is not defined anywhere. I have here 30 different types of sexual orientation,” Stam said on the House floor, adding that he thought it was necessary to specify and “exclude pedophilia, masochism, and sadism, which are sexual orientations”(Terkel) writes.” Controlling the sexual arousal response receptors in our bodies, it conflates with those in sexual orientation. Because of your bodily urges, it’s categorized as sexual orientation “(Diamont 362). It’s strange to think that someone would find something sexually appealing when they see little children. You see children tend to be powerless and are used as a time to relieve stress, well in the mind of a pedophile. Some tend to be aroused by the body shape of some children. However, in most cases, no one will speak on that behalf. Many pedophiles know this is wrong, which is why they don’t go to a random person and begin telling them what they are sexually attracted to.”I have to tell you, Joe, I find children extremely erotic, and I feel really bad about it.” You aren’t going to tell anyone. You’re going to remain silent, you’re going to hate yourself, and you’re going to suffer.” (Whitney) adds on. Some have always wanted to understand why some people choose to do what they know is not right. Many causes could have triggered a sudden outburst, such as the need to dominate. “The most common reason for pedophilia, is someone who was sexually abused as a child and now mentally needs to perform that act on another child” (Corcoran 357). In most cases, those abused by someone they once respected like their uncles, fathers, grandparents etc.. are triggered the most. Now you’ll understand where the sense of having to dominate comes into play. Some behavior that may be the reason for why a pedophile is a pedophile follows. It could have been a one-time thing, or sexual fantasies or even a simple fantasy while masturbating (Diamont 248). Imagine how criminals have gotten away from going to jail by pleading not guilty due to reasons of mental defect. It baffles me that criminals rather be in a mental asylum and portray themselves as someone whom they are not than just go to jail. The burning sexual desires pedophiles have is hard to not act upon. Imagine wanting something so bad and knowing you can’t have it. The most unbelievable thing is that the attractions of children’s can come from any person you could never believe. It’s really all i desire someone has (Whitney 1). Maybe by passing their crime as a disorder they aren’t entirely judged based on the fact that they could say they had no impulse.”People like to engage in a good variety of practices, sexual, to express their love. Some to satisfy their sexual drives and for pleasure” (Corcoran 349). All in all, it’s the personal choice to act upon what they want too, yes some may argue that it’s an impulse. However, you must realize you can retrain yourself from doing things that shouldn’t be done. Everybody is in control of their own behavior at all times, and in the event that anybody questions their capacity to abstain from following up on their attractions it is a self-delivered question brought about by disguising the common account that all pedophiles will undoubtedly attack a kid at some point or another, yet not on the grounds that pedophilia some way or another impedes one’s patience, since it simply doesn’t. “The case really is do you wish to stop? You’ve gone so far and now you have to stop? They say if a man cannot grow an erection with a grown women, they might be subjected to embarrassment. The failure to do so may make a man angry and unleash on a rampage” ( Groth 85). Now based upon all the scientific evidence that there is, does pedophilia classify as a sexual orientation? Or can pedophiles just use it as a way to escape from real-world problems? To your knowledge society is actually attempting to protect pedophilia. Republican Tom Fast is arguing against the fact that if bisexuals, gays, and lesbians have their protection status. Then there’s nothing to stop pedophiles from claiming those same statuses (Terkel 1). In my opinion, it’s ridiculous for someone to believe a person who abuses little children deserves protection. Whether or not if some pedophiles do have a mental defect, what they do is not right under any circumstances. However, some can argue that society is too harsh on pedophiles. Because they feel desperate to be silent about their urges they react in silence. They are likely to sexually abuse a child this way (Whitney 1).  That entirely may not be true though, if I were to be in the shoes of a pedophile I would seek help before acting on my urges. Pedophiles like to find excuses so they don’t have to deal with society’s problems.Being an individual with this problem it’s hard to just walk out your house without being looked at. One can often find themselves being stared at. In most cases, those that have been arrested and charged with touching a minor can find themselves in the offender registry. In cases like this is where I would seek help before anything escalates! Having to deal with living in a specific area because you can’t be from schools or daycares is crazy. Especially because the most school can be found within a 2-mile radius probably less than that. We are often told to explore our interest and go in search of what we truly love. Now don’t get me wrong I am in no way conveying that pedophilia is an appropriate relationship to have. However, society permits socially independent males and females to explore their erotic interest. There is still social injustice, because of the norms that society has established.  But we cannot entirely blame the issue on society, some pedophiles just stay and allow this behavior to consume them. The problem here is that rather than trying to avoid the situation some don’t do anything. I would go get help. However, On the off chance that the fascination in young children can’t be made to vanish through treatment, do pedophiles need treatment by any means?Even then when some go and get the help they are judged. Those pedophiles in rehab, do not say much about who they are attracted to. But doctors there believe they are born this way. The DSM-5 has a new definition of pedophilia, saying and classifying it as a sexual orientation. They classified that 1% of men are born with a sexual impulse disorder like this(Whitney 1). In most cases, we misunderstand pedophiles, because as previously mentioned not all molest children. And those that don’t molest children where do they end up? Because we can’t arrest someone for admitting they are fond of little kids. This is where rehabilitation centers take a big role,  I would rather much be in a place where I’m finding help than stay outside where the judgment and harassment continue on. Towards the future what can we see happening to pedophiles? Now there’s an increasing amount of shows that incarcerate pedophiles and molesters and show the evil side of them. Yes, based upon all I have mentioned before they should not carry on a normal daily life having to deal with their problem. They must seek help. While treatment can’t wipe out a pedophile’s sexual advantages, a blend of psychological behavioral treatment and pharmaceuticals can help them to oversee urges and abstain from carrying out any fantasies. Whether or not you are getting the sufficient amount of help needed to reduce the risk of molesting a child it’s better than not getting any help.After all this explanation and scientific research given to you, do you think pedophilia should be listened to and listed as a sexual orientation? Does it deserve to be given protection from society? Should people who are attracted to children be given the guarantee and certainty that if they commit a crime, they will just blame it on a mental illness since every other regular orientation is a mental illness. These are things you have to take account in, yes, we are given protection which is stated in the first amendment, but that only goes so far.In conclusion, pedophilia is not a sexual orientation and if it’s attempted to be one it should not be one. Being attracted to a male is normal, a female it’s normal, you like both? That’s okay! However, being attracted to a vulnerable child who can’t defend themselves and making them do things they wouldn’t do until they’re at the age of consent is disgusting and vile. This shouldn’t be something that is supported.

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