Many with 24 hours of light. This means

countries are nowadays allowing the use and plantation of marijuana,
now that we have more knowledge about the plant, but it is obviously
not legal in every country so far but the numbers of countries
legalizing the plant are rising every year. To procure yourself
Marijuana you need a prescription, in countries where it’s legal,
if you have a prescription but you are not able to find or procure
yourself the plant you may want to grow it yourself, or maybe you
might even want to start a business, then growing your own medicinal
marijuana is the answer to your questions.

this How to, I will be explaining to you how to grow medicinal
Marijuana indoors.

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1. Choose a suitable strain for yourself

first step is to decide
what strain you want, such
qs Indica,
Sativa, and hybrids. Each
are used for
treating different illnesses due to
the active ingredients THC, Cannabinol, and Cannabidiol. You
would need
to consult a
doctor with experience to
treat patients
with Marijuana to see which strain is more suitable for you.
Various strains of Indica and Sativa will have different smells,
tastes, and potencies, which will appeal to different users (“How
to Grow Medical Marijuana”).

2. You
should consider Auto-Flowering seeds. (Optional but much better for
your plant)

active ingredients are found in the
buds of
the and this is what produces a high,
so getting your plants to flower is crucial.
normal cannabis, which requires 24 hours of light to grow and then a
12 hour light cycle to flower, auto-flowering plants flower with 24
hours of light. This means faster flowering and no need to separate
growing plants (24 hours of light) and flowering plants (12 hours of
will make the whole process much faster and it’ll be less work for
you, the grower (“How
to Grow Medical Marijuana”).

3. Make sure you Purchase feminized seeds to increase your production
of buds

increase the production, you should purchase
“feminized” seeds.
Marijuana plants come in female and male varieties, but the main
issue is that only female plants produce the buds that provide
a high. That means the more females you grow, the higher your
be. Luckily, you can purchase feminized seeds to ensure that your
crop will be all female (“How
to Grow Medical Marijuna”).

4. Pick the room you will use and clear it out.

you are going to devote an entire room to your crop, you’ll want to
clear it out. Marijuana plants need a warm, humid environment, so to
prevent the growth of mold or pests, you’ll want to remove all
chairs, curtains, carpets, clothes, and other surfaces that could
host mold.

need an electrical outlet for your grow lights, as well as easy
access to water.

grows best between 72 and 77 degrees. Try to choose a room where it
is easy to maintain this temperature. Too many windows can make a
room too hot, while a basement might require constant heating (“How
to Grow Medical Marijuana”).

5. Block out all light

plants need total darkness in their dark period. If not, they may
become hermaphrodite, which means the plants will grow male flowers
that contain no THC, and this will lower your production. Cover all
the windows in the room, and any other light source in the room (“How
to Grow Medical Marijuana”).

6. You can cover walls and ceiling with reflective material

step will speed up your production by quite a bit if done properly
and it will make your plants grow better, but it isn’t something your
plants will actually need, consider this step if you want to speed up
the process.

you take this step into consideration, you should be using
material such as:

– Aluminized mylar is expensive, but it reflects up to 97% of the
light that hits it. Hang it flat against the wall and keep it clean.

white paint – It’s cheap, easy to clean, and reflects up to 85% of
the light that hits it.

blankets – You can buy them at camping stores. They only reflect
70% of light, but they’re inexpensive and good for small spaces like
cabinets or closets (“How to Grow Medical Marijuana”).

7. You will need a grow light for your plants, and an air flow in
your room

the light you will use for
the best growth.
grow, your plants will need light provided by bulbs that provide a
full spectrum of light, unlike
normal bulbs.
You have several choices, but
you will want to choose something like: high
pressure sodium (HPS), or metal halide (ML) lights will cost less to
set-up but more to run, while LED lights will cost you more up front,
but save money in the long-run. You
should also make
sure your light focus on your plants. Another
thing you should take into consideration is the air flow in your
room, you will have to draw heat away from your crop to ensure the
plants get enough CO2, you can use a ventilation system to do that
for you, this will provide more production and a better growth of
your plant (“How
to Grow Medical Marijuana”).

8. Set up your meters, and make sure your water is at right pH

plants will grow best in certain temperature, humidity, and depending
on the pH ranges of your water. Installing a thermometer, humidity
meter, and pH meter for your water, in your system will help you
perfectly grow your plants. The plants will grow better when the
water used is at a certain pH, you can use tap water for your plants,
but you’ll want to make sure its pH is between 5.8 and 7.0, and also
that it doesn’t carry too many minerals (“How to Grow Medical

can control the pH of your water in different ways:

water sit for 24 hours will help bring its pH closer to 7.

water’s pH by adding lime, wood ash, or a pre-mixed solution
(available at most garden centers).

water’s pH by adding sulfur, phosphoric acid, or a pH-lowering
solution (“How to Grow Medical Marijuana”).

9. Start your plantation for medicinal Marijuana!

following all the steps in this How to, you will be able to grow high
quality medicinal marijuana on your own in your own house hold!

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