Minorities Texas once might had. Creating a more

Minorities such as immigrants, homosexuals, women and Latinos are changing the diversity of the population in Texas. Since there is more diversity on big cities like Dallas, Houston, and Austin because of minorities, there has been a different way of thinking that differ with the traditional views and values that Texas once might had.  Creating a more liberal way of thinking valued by the democratic party, however, it produces a problem for the Republican party that right now dominates in some regions. “Some regions like the Interior Lowlands that had a primary economy of agriculture, switched to the Republican party, contrary to the Basin and Range Province that is located at Río Grande has a liberal and democratic political view because most of its citizens are Latinos or other minorities”. (Chapter 1, pg. 10) This significates that a geographical point has relations with the political culture and ideals a place might have. Therefore, the more minorities there is in a population, this changes the traditionalist views and conservative politics a state might had.  “The capitalist economy has implications over a political culture, because according to Joseph Schumpeter an economy is a “creative destruction” and there are three waves that Texas experienced: cotton, cattle and railroad system, the oil industry, and technological market”. (Chap.1, pg. 11)

            For example, the technological advances attracted immigrants in San Antonio, where the crops where most concentrated and after the civil war there were barbered wires (1870) to protect lands, railroads and plow to help the production of these plantations.  These immigrants created a “sharecropper system” where actual farmers-owner would lend their animals or tools for productivity, therefore receiving half of the actual price. This system made a cycle-economic crisis because most of these farmers couldn’t receive their profits until they paid their debts, which was difficult. And the sharecropper system made a political outburst because immigrants and the population that already lived there weren’t in agreement of their distinct individual’s views; thus, forming tension on both sides after the 1920’s.  Then, the oil industry changed the political economy by the 1890’s after the Civil War. Providing oil for transportation of ships and railroads, plantation as energy; also, created an “Interstate Highway System” for auto-transportation in Texas. This industry made the population growth and the economic rise could collapse depending on prices. “The Texas Railroad Commission was a democratic party in the 1960’s that was involved with the oil industry and population in Texas in charge of spacing rules this industry had to follow. With the oil industry trade, there was enough economic power to promote programs of education and health, historic preservation, arts and social services named the Meadows Foundations in 1948 which promotes economic growth.” (Chap. 1, pg. 15-16).

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             Today, illegal immigration affects the economy positively with military bases in San Antonio, increasing the global trade with the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) signed by President George Bush in 1992, technology industry with oil manufacturing from Houston, technology of Texas Instruments, railroad and International airport in Dallas, manufacturing Dell’s computers in Austin.  The negative effect of illegal immigration of NAFTA because of cheaper labor of Mexicans, “Sharecropper system” and within-immigration of citizens causes a disturbance of economic growth in Texas.  “At the “You Decide Voice of Texas” passage, Dan Patrick supports legal immigration but refuses illegal immigration that is mostly from Latinos. Julian Castro considers that those who immigrated illegally go to college, serve in the army, should be granted citizenship.” (Chap.1, pg.36) I must agree with Julian Castro, “Illegal immigrants” should have the opportunity to establish even if it badly affects the US economy, because the United States of America flourished due to immigration around the world in search of a better life.

            How can we deny the entry of this “promise land” based on liberty and prosperity that our ancestors provided? Nevertheless, Latinos along with other immigrants shouldn’t be punished for terrorist attacks they did not commit. Immigration is necessary for the economy, prosperity and most of all liberty, citizenship should not be restricted to those who are born in the states. An immigration compromise should be possible to please both demands of granting citizenship and ensuring security on US borders. Citizenship should be granted to those who immigrate from any part of the world to the US with the condition that major crimes such as fraud, murder or rape should be a reason for deportation, and US borders must be more secured to guarantee national protection. Texas should monitor immigrants and be under conditions of labor and contribute to the collection of tax purposes and political representation with the conditions of resigning their national rights and assuming the US citizenship.

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