My Maxillofacial structure and how it functions. Having

My interest in biological science influenced my decision to study Dental Hygiene and Therapy, in doing so I will be able to obtain a career in my chosen field as a dental hygienist; this is particular field of interests to me as I can find a deeper understanding about the Maxillofacial structure and how it functions. Having completed an apprenticeship as a dental nurse I my role was to assist the dentist as well as the dental hygienist this was another major influence to my chosen career as working with them I was able to witness their interactions with the patients through the instructions and advice they provided them, within regards to their Oral health and wellbeing. I had the opportunity to observe the skills needed to deliver treatments such as periodontal gum treatment and the precision required to administrate local anaesthetic.Studying my apprenticeship in Dental Nursing has allowed me to gain unprecedented insight into the human science of Dentistry. Being present in such a positive environment, focused on assisting the health and appearances of various individuals has been an immense factor in my desire to study dental hygiene and therapy. Through the acquisition of knowledge gained from studying at a higher level, I wish to be able to perform a wider range of dental procedures, varying from removing plaque to extracting deciduous teeth. Witnessing the elation and relief of patients once they have been cared for has always been one of the most satisfying elements of my experience. Moreover, being granted the opportunity to interact with patients has prompted my aspiration of reaching the pinnacle of the dental profession and thus, fuelled my desire to study this area at a higher level.To further my qualifications and to ambition of attending university, I decided to return to college and undertake an Access to Science course; from this course, I will be able to understand the fundamental elements of the tasks assigned in higher education. Studying Access to Science has helped me to develop my knowledge on science such as physics, chemistry and biology which has given me the determination to get the most I can from my learning and completing the course; additionally, access has helped me to develop the skills needed for universities, such as time management and correct methods of my written work. At university, I am looking forward to studying with people with the same interest as mine, as this will enable me to share information and ideas and broaden my knowledge. Being a dental hygienist requires hard work, skills of time management, being honest and having empathy towards people. During my spare time, I volunteer at my local church, helping the young children with activities- such as arts and crafts- which enable them to achieve honours for their pathfinder’s club. Interacting and helping younger children has helped to develop vital communication and leadership skills whilst also enhancing my approach to caring for all individuals, regardless of age. Furthermore, I have achieved a variety of honours whilst volunteering and attending pathfinders camp. Attending pathfinders camp has enabled me to express myself and enjoy the splendour of the environment, which I have a desire to preserve. Currently, I have a part-time job at Topshop which allows me to interact with a vast variety of people and continually develop my leadership and how I work in a team. Working as a Dental Nurse has given me the motivation to attend higher education and obtaining a degree while instantaneously developing as an individual. The idea of taking on a degree has given me the determination to achieve the best grade I conceivably can with my goal of being a Dental Hygienist.My enthusiasm and motivation have given me the ability to adapt and learn new skills, which are the qualities that ensure my suitability for university life and a contributing member of the university community.

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