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Name : Ayu DamayantiNumber : 163221170The Role Of Mass Media in Teaching English Mass media are omnipresent. We live in era where mass media such as television, magazine, internet, radio—has a big role in everyday life. Sociologists refer to this as a mediated culture where media reflects and creates the culture (The Role and Influence of Mass Media. (n.d.). In Mass media itself can be devided into visual, auditive, and audiovisual. Every information transmission has their own lover. Since it close to us, it seems to be more enjoyable when knowledge is gained through mass media tools: entertainment, language authenticity, and encouragement to learn more are provided (Tafani, 2009). This paper emphasize on the usage of mass media in terms of teaching English. Visual Mass Media in the Classroom. Visual media implies newspaper, magazine, digital news etc could be part of teaching process. The committed teachers can design exercises to develop reading comprehension, critical thinking skills, writing skills, grammar skills, vocabulary, map/chart reading skills, geography skills, social study skills and more. Having a lot of newspapers and information the teachers should be careful with the way how to organize a certain activity using them (Tafani, 2009). mentioned 6 things teacher shouldn’t do when using visual mass media in the class room, they are:Make a song and dance about teaching words like headline, editorial, column, leader. Is it that useful to learners?Assume learners are interested in British, American, Canadian or Australian culture, particularly tabloid gossip. The British tabloids, for example, are a culturally specific type of newspaper and are not universal.Dwell on comparative style and discourse features of tabloid papers versus broadsheets. These are often either obvious or of interest only to journalists and media students.Assume what you find interesting in a newspaper will interest your learners.Spend ages with tippex blanking out words (if you want to do this type of exercise get your learners to white out words themselves and test each other).Set simple tasks for lower level learners with a very difficult piece of text, e.g. Find three numbers and two countries in this 3 column article on the Middle East. Unless these tasks are followed up with an opportunity to comprehend and interact with the text, they’re condescending and (almost) pointless.They also mention some ideas of how to use a newspaper authentically in the classroom.Writing activities : Letter to the Editor, Q and A, Brief News Items, Lies, Damn LiesSpeaking activities : What’s this? (Using photos cut), Newspaper as a Prompt, Newspaper as a Prop, Roleplay the NewsReading activities : What’s in the News Today?, Newspaper show and tell, Do it yourselves newspaper quiz Auditive Mass Media in the Classroom. It is necessary to consider the example of using BBC programs at the lesson to improve pronounciation, vocabulary, listening and speaking skills. For upper intermediate learners’ the BBC radio 1 podcast might work (BBC Radio 1, n.d.). The website contains podcasts about current affairs as well as British culture english used in most real –life communication events (Muszy?ska, 2016). ELT podcasts cover a wide range of subject matter (Jain & Hashmi, 2013) . Here are some examples of ELT podcast topics as mentioned by Jain and Hashmi:Podcasts based on comprehension activities, interviews and vocabulary.Podcasts based on idiomatic expressions with their usages.Podcasts containing conversations between the native speakers.Podcasts based on that encourage careful listening by the learners.Accompanied by the text of the lyrics.Podcasts containing vocabulary with their pronunciation.Story-based podcasts followed by listening comprehension questions Audiovisual Mass Media in the Classroom. It implies television and streaming platform like youtube or instagram. It possible for someone do learning by thus media because in this age, there are many easier way to understanding english. As well as in teaching. Providing this media could help much in teaching and learning process such as in speaking, listening, vocabulary, pronounciation, even gesture and also facial expression.Visual Television is one of the best Mass Media of spreading information (political, cultural, cognitive and educational). It has great opportunities in foreign language teaching. In general television is a unique form of person’s development. The results of research reveal while listening a person remembers 15 % of speech information, while looking — 25 % of visual information, while listening and looking — 65 % of information. The usage of television makes the English language teaching process more vivid, convincing and emotional (Thimosenko, 2015) In a research conducted by Brinton and Gaskill (1978 as cited in Bahrani, 2011), the effect of listening to TV and radio news on improving EFL students’ listening comprehension was studied. Brinton and Gaskill (1978 as cited in Bahrani, 2011) argue that using TV and radio news utterances as teaching material has proved effective on improving skill. Teaching through movie could be one of the way. While using a film in the classroom to help our English we have paid attention to the accent, voice, body language, choosing of the words, training ear and the eye, lifestyle, plot idea, summary, what’s going on, why and how, and many other things depending on the aim we have put to ourselves. The overall aim has always been to maximize comprehension and learn more English (Tafani, 2009) Mass media help teacher to improve student’s skill in speaking, reading, pronouncing and listening . It implies radio, newspaper, TV, internet and more. Of course, teacher ability to teach communicatively still essential. Teacher can use newspaper or other visual mass media to teach in many aspect especially in reading skill. Some game such as What’s in the News Today? Newspaper show and tell, Do it yourselves newspaper quiz are reccomended. Auditive mass media as well as visual one also may use in classroom through BBC radio or Podcast. It could improve in listening skill. In addition, audiovisual mass media like television and streaming platform also help in teaching english. Not only speaking, reading, and listening skill, student also can learn about gesture and facial expression too.References:Bahrani, Taher. (2011). The Role of Audiovisual Mass Media News in Language Learning. Retrieved December 18, 2017, from, Lindsay. (2011).Teaching materials: using newspapers in the classroom 1. Retrieved December 17, 2017, from, Seema (2013). The Advantages of Podcasts in English Lamguage Classroom. Retrieved December 18, 2017, from, Katarzyna. (2016). Mass Media in Teaching English. Retrieved The Role and Influence of Mass Media. (n.d.). In Retrieved December 17, 2017 from, Vilma. (2009). Teaching English Through Mass Media. 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