Now, now you know how we breathe, and

Now, when you have asthma, this simple process becomes
complicated because the tightening of the muscles and narrowing of the airways
makes it difficult for air to smoothly flow in and out of the lungs.

So, now you know how we breathe, and why asthma can make
breathing difficult, let’s see how a massage for asthma can work.  

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How Can Massage Help to Treat Asthma?

Studies have found that a massage can help to relieve your asthma

Note: Please
don’t have a massage while having an asthma attack.

A massage for asthma can do the following things:

Reduce your stress and anxiety – stress can exacerbate
your asthma symptoms which can sometimes lead to a full-blown asthma attack. As
you know (if you’ve read my other blog posts), a massage can help you to relax
and reduce stress.

Help drain and relax the bronchial area – a
trained massage therapist can use massage therapy to drain the mucus and
congestion which forms in the bronchial area. This can often reduce asthma
symptoms, such as coughing and wheezing.  

Help release tension in your upper body muscles
– asthma can cause tension in the upper body and tightness in the chest. A massage
around the upper body can help to release this tension.

So, what type of massage should you try? There are three
types of massage that are suitable for people with asthma: holistic, Swedish
and shiatsu.

Holistic massage (I offer this treatment) works
alongside many other complementary therapies. It works to prevent and treat
your asthma symptoms.

Swedish massage is one of the best ways to
relieve respiratory issues through massage therapy. Tapotement (a rhythmic,
percussive stroke – one of the five strokes used in Swedish massage) when
applied along the back with vibration and shaking can loosen the mucus in the
lungs and clear the airways, improving lung function.

Shiatsu originated
in Japan and is a practice that uses foot, finger or palm pressure to reduce
stress and promote overall health. And as I previously mentioned, stress can
cause your asthma symptoms to worsen.

Before the massage begins, a massage therapist – moi – will
look to see if there is any restriction in the ribcage or anywhere else – this
allows us to know what is causing the problem so we know where to start.

As well as giving you a massage, we will teach you how to
breathe properly. Now, I’m sure many of you will say, ‘Surely, I know how to
breathe.’ But how many of you can say you know how to breathe properly. By
learning how to breathe properly, you will be in more control, which can help
in times when breathing becomes difficult.  


So now you know how massage can help people with asthma. If
you or a loved one has asthma, then try a massage. However, before you try a massage
for asthma, please speak to your doctor so you can find a treatment that’s
right for you.

If you’re interested in what services I offer, then please
contact me for further information, or see my ‘Treatments page’ for
more details.

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