Objectives :- To reduce change-associated cost and time



article has  two main objectives:-

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To identify the various causes and effects of change in the organizations.


To evaluate the efficiency and give further suggestions for the change
management in the organizations.


Need and Significance

1. Survival and success


  To survive and succeed in the present highly
competitive and continuously evolving business environment change management is
very important in the organizations. Without change no organization can grow and
expand .


2. Reduce Delays :-


To reduce change-associated cost and
time delays change management is very crucial in the organizations.



3. Mitigating failures :-


 By enabling the
evaluation of change dependencies and effects, 
it helps controlling and mitigating failure factors in projects.


4. Open minded workplace


order to ease tension and create a smooth implementation process, employees are
made to understand changes in a better way. Through this a workplace is created
which is open minded and inviting to change.

5. Transitions


management plays an important role in successful organizational transitions.
However, many organizations find that implementing the right strategy can be


6.Productivity :-


tends to increase productivity and service in all the departments in an

7. Driving more
successful change :-

 Effective change management drives greater
benefit realization and achievement of results and outcomes. Building change
management capabilities means greater success on critical projects and

8. Handling the amount
of change occurring :-

Given the amount of
and frequency of change occurring in organizations now a days, becoming better
at implementing change is essential.

9. Preparing the
organization for the future :-

 The horizon for many organizations, and even
industries, includes significant changes that are necessary to remain
competitive and successful.

10. Effective change
management practices :-

 For making the change management practices
effective across the organizations a standard approach is followed.

11.Building needed
internal capabilities :-

Change management is
viewed as an essential organizational capability and individual competency for

Evaluation of Changes :-

Change management is an integral
process to identify existing and already occurred changes, predict potential
changes and prevent their impacts, and coordinate changes throughout the entire

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