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placed in southwest Asia, Jordan has a space of 92,300 sq km (35,637 sq mi). Jordan extends 562 km (349 mi) northeast to southwest and 349 km (217 mi) southeast to northwest. relatively, the area occupied by Jordan is a little smaller than the state of Indiana. It is limited on the north by Syria, on the northeast by Iraq, on the east and south by Saudi Arabia, on the southwest by the Gulf of Aqaba, and on the west by Palestine , with a total land boundary length of 1,635 km (1,016 mi) and a coastline of 26 km (16 mi ).

The issue of traffic accidents is one of the most serious and most important problems facing institution in the world It drains a gigantic package of human and material resources and the latest statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO) that the world loses annually about (1.2) million people, and every year about (20-50) million people result from Traffic accidents in the world, and the annual losses resulting from these incidents estimated at (518) billion dollars(1%-3%) of GDP

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and many countries around the world have reached the need to develop national traffic mechanisms and strategies to address the safety challenges associated with many sectors and related parties, Jordan suffers from this problem like other countries in the world, where there is an annual increase of population and vehicles in Jordan as well as the arrival of many visitors and foreign vehicles into the Kingdom’s territory, and statistics indicate By the end of 2016, the population of Jordan (9.7980) million of them (5.188) million males and (4.610) million females, Statistics also indicate that during the year 2016 that (926658) was the number of people who entered the Kingdom, In 2016, (144521) was the traffic accident which occurred in the Kingdom ,(10,835) human injuries resulted in this accident, (750) deaths , (1841)  seriously injured , (15594) people with minor injuries and an estimated cost of (323) million JD, The total length of the roads was estimated at (18500) Km at the end of 2016 .

The number of vehicles recorded in the Licensing Department of drivers and vehicles reached 1 million, 421 thousand and 951 vehicles at the end of last January 2017, according to a declaration announced by the Director of the Department, Brigadier Anad Rakeebat. The cumulative statistics include vehicles of all types and categories.

Jordan is witnessing a significant increase in the population and the number of refugees. This has a significant impact on transport and infrastructure in general. The increase in population leads to an increase in the number of vehicles, thus increasing pressure on roads and infrastructure, and thus increasing the demand for new roads and better advantages.

Jordan is famous for public transport and the high demand for it, especially for university students and residents of remote areas of human settlements. Therefore, the state has allocated pools to be used in it and a known place for all its visitors. They go to these compounds so that they can ride buses and taxi. Where the prices are reduced to suit everyone.

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