Reading sorts of things we have gone over

Reading Response Assignment


Article, Author

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Grace Chang, “From the Third World to the “Third World Within:” Asian Women Workers Fighting Globalization”


In your own words, briefly explain what the author’s main point or argument is. What did the author say?


Grace Chang’s main point of her essay was explain to the reader about how globalization and the policies ran by governments has ultimately led to many hard and competent Asian women workers to relocate to country’s like the USA and Canada. Due to these women wishing to get out of their third world country they are forced to work lower paying jobs with unfair and abusive working conditions while also living in poverty, hence the title “the Third world within”.


In your own words, explain how the author explains or supports the argument? What evidence do they use?


     Grace Chang uses the example of Filipina Women in the work field of nursing. Chang explains how Filipina Women have been getting screwed over by the government due to them getting paid less even though they have as much if not more qualification then other women in that field. This causes them to be forced into low-paid childcare jobs due to them being immigrants, which causes them to be excluded from nursing. Chang uses women campaigns such as the Women Workers Project in New York and the Philippine Women Centre in Canada movements to prove that there is a problem with “abusive working conditions” towards Filipina women nurses as it has inspired many to take action.


How does this connect to other readings/authors/topics we have discussed in class? Can you see connections in your own life? Can you find other examples to illustrate the ideas in the reading?


     Grace Chang’s essay can easily be connected back all sorts of things we have gone over and discussed my gender studies class through both the semesters. There has been common theme of discrimination between not only race but also gender. I can easily connect Chang’s argument back to the wage gap we went over in class, and how women have been oppressed by the government which has ultimately caused women to get paid a lot less in today’s western society.


What questions does the reading bring up for you?


     The one question I have after this reading has to be why doesn’t the Asian Filipina nurses that have the same or even more qualification then other nurses are not given the same equal employment opportunity someone else has in their field. I believe as long as the Filipina nurses are legal immigrants they should have the exact same amount of equal opportunity and pay as all the other nurses, and especially if they are qualified to do the nursing job.


Are there any concepts/terms/ideas that you are unfamiliar with?


     The only concept I was ignorant on in Chang’s writing was that I had no clue about the oppression Filipina nurses are faced with in our first world country.  I believe it’s due to me not being an immigrant myself, as I don’t fully understand or have a clue on the hardships immigrants are faced with.


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