Rome suddenly turned into a huge empire because

Rome suddenly turned into a huge empire because of Julius Caesar. Caesar was a very powerful man and most known for his military accomplishments. He was killed by his most dearest friends. This essay will be about Julius Caesar’s early life,military accomplishments, and events leading to his death.                                                                                                                                                        Julius had a very adventurous early life (5). Julius Caesar was born in the  year of 100 B.C in Subura, Rome. His full name was Gaius Julius Caesar. When he was 6 years old Caesar started learning. He was taught by a private teacher called Marcus Antonius Gnipho (5). He learnt how to read,write ,the Roman law, and how to speak in public. Julius Caesar was only 16 years old when his father died, so he had to be responsible for the family.Julius Caesar had a lot of military accomplishments (6). At the age of 19 Julius Caesar decided to go to the military (4). In the army he was a military general. At the age of 43 he got chosen to be a consul. Then became a governor and next a commander of the military forces (7). Julius Caesar conquered Gaul In 58 B.C. His army was very powerful that lasted for 8 years. After he conquered Gaul he went to Egypt.There are so many events leading to Caesar’s death (2). Julius Caesar was assassinated on the ides of March (March 15th) in the senate.Marcus Junius Brutus, a conspirator against Caesar, killed Caesar with other people (7). In total 60 people  stabbed Caesar till his death. After his death,a short civil war started (3). The civil war lasted for 13 years (1). After his death his empire was divided into 3 parts called Triumvirate.In conclusion, Julius Caesar is one of the best and powerful leader that changed Rome and conquered a lot of other countries. And he was the best ruler of all time,but he was also a selfish man that wanted everything for himself. Sources

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