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The movie Children of Men this movie takes place in the United Kingdom of the year 2027. It is a science fiction movie where at the time the world is at chaotic position,  with mass destruction and mass murders too. London was the only one “standing” unlike other places in the world, but it was not for too long until it became not so good. Not only that ,but in nearly two decades no children have been born, nor a woman has been able to get pregnant. The youngest human that was alive ” baby Diego” died at the age of eighteen which made the people of europe even more sorrow. The main character Theo helps out his group he is with in the end of the movie. As the british army gathers all immigrants, an underground group advocating for equal rights contact Theo for assistance. He first does not want to bother helping but his ex wife Julian kidnaps him and influences to help them. Theo Faron faces many difficulties in the beginning of the movie so it is surprising that he does help others, when really had anyone or anything he had to worry about. Hope keeps most of these characters moving forward as they believe everything will come together.The losses Theo Faron goes through are the  loss of his child, ex wife, and losses himself when they weren’t around and the world was chaotic. Theo and his wife lost their kid Dylan at the age of three by the fumes in the air, all the gases that were released by bombs and other explosions caused him to get him sick and get a flu epidemic and passed away. This was only the first loss Theo had in the movie. Later into the movie Theo, his wife Julian, and the rest of the group like Luke and Miriam. They try to help Kee; as they are going to the “safe house” they are stopped and shot at. Theo’s wife is sadly killed in front of his own eyes. These are the main two losses Theo deals with in the movie. At this point of time Theo started to realize he had nothing to lose anymore, theo was sad, depressed and eventually lost himself. Theo was very depressed as he says ” I wish I could have done more for her, but some sorrows were simply to individual to share.” He would always be drinking and have his flask with him. Getting drunk made him forget his problems he was going throughs and the sad moments too.  As Judith Butler says in “Violence, Mourning, Politics” Many people think that grief is privatizing” (22), it is okay to grief and be sad. One just needs to find comfort when being sad and down. Losing himself he didn’t have any intention to do anything or to help anyone even when the world is at its worst. When he finally realized that Kee a woman who was with Julian and him is pregnant Theo is shocked. He was shocked because he had lost hope at that time when he says “I can’t really remember when I last had any hope, and I certainly can’t remember when anyone else did either. Because really, since women stopped being able to have babies, what’s left to hope for?” Kee had told Theo that she needed his help and he was the only one she can trust. Before Theo knew Kee was pregnant , Julian had told her  to only trust Theo with anything since he is trustworthy. When Kee told him that he was the only one to trust, he recovered his own trust in himself too. He trusted and loved Julian so much that he definitely couldn’t let her down with Kee. He had to get Kee to the ship called “Tomorrow”. Not only did he gain trust back when he lost his own trust in himself,  but he felt the need to help Kee as she’s the first pregnant immigrant woman in eighteen years. The vulnerabilities that are evident at the time are Kee helping her get away from the refugee camps and also getting away from all the disasters with the british army. As horrific as it is, even though there was not any people giving birth to babies or being able to even have any, the soldiers and government still killed immigrants in the camps and civilians in the streets. As it is difficult for many of us watching to imagine a world with no children is difficult ,as they are usually around in our lives a lot of the time. Basically, what it was trying to teach us is that without children there is no future, The children and Kee are the hope in the movie. As jasper tells Kee ” your baby is the miracle the world has been waiting for.” This gives Kee more motivation to help herself and be careful on who she is trusting and doing. The movie does end on a good and hopeful note as life turned around for them. When the baby is born everyone is shocked when hearing the cries and this bring them together for a bit for once.Xenophobia can play a role in this movie as the british can be afraid of the immigrants and that can be the reason why they’re killing many innocent lives. They may be afraid of being taken over in power, so they have to be the ones taking control of what’s around them or get rid of immigrants by killing them to not deal or worry about that problem. People fear the unknown, Children of Men gives us an idea on the inhumane treatment of refugees. Butler also says ” Let’s face it. We’re undone by each other. And if we’re not we’re missing something.” (23). By this Butler means that no matter what, us humans will never be perfect and we will always have problems between one and another or one with something. The government supports it as they advertise deportation of refugees and telling on each other no matter if it is family or friends. Not only that, but the government also encourages crowds of people to commit suicide which happens frequentlyReligion also plays a big role in the movie, many people there believe it is god who is punishing them for in some way. People are asking for forgiveness to god so there can be a better tomorrow and all the bad things can stop happening so it can just be peaceful.  Kees pregnancy was a miracle and with that many people still had faith that god has  always been there even in the darkest and most difficult times they were going through. Many still believed god always has a plan and everything happens for a reason. Theos transformation towards the end is significantly different for example, in the  beginning with deaths of his son and wife,but it turned out as good change. He helps us understand to help others and to hope for better. Children of Men is about hope, Hope that Kee’s  baby will change the way the world is and hope for a better future and she is the future to reproduce  and to be the correction of the failures they have committed throughout the movie. It is all about hope at one point to not be captured or killed. Without Theos help Kee would have probably gotten killed either in the concentration camps or at the “safe house” they had for immigrants. Kee could have even been killed by a soldier during a shooting on the street. The whole story would change also without many of other characters like Jasper. He was Theo’s friends and not only just a friend, but more like a father to him, a best friend he can go to for help and trust. Jasper had moved out to the woods and when Theo, Kee and Miriam needed a place to be while being “hunted” for he watched for them to make sure they were safe and not going to be captured. Luke ends up killing Jasper because he knew Jasper helped them escape  and not get captured by Luke. Not only did Jasper die for them, but he told them where to go from there and how they could get to the ” Tomorrow” ship and without Jasper the whole outcome of the story,  the movie would be a lot different. In the end, Childrens of men teaches us that we may go through many difficulties like the one in the movie or maybe face other challenges, but with hope and desire to want change something good will always happen. Even at the most darkest and depressing moments in the movie, there is a resolution. Theo shows us how he conquered everything he had to do at the the most difficult times. Kee newborn is the future for Britain, In the movie the boat that they have made is to is a symbol of a better tomorrow and a better future. Life is all about the evolution, to become greater than it has already been and learn from mistakes.

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