“The are torturing dogs and making dogs lives

“The question is not, can they reason? Nor can they talk? But can they suffer?” -Bentham(10 Quotes that…).  Today, dogs all over the world are being tortured and killed.  In the United States alone, 3.7 million dogs are being abused per year and the numbers constantly increase.  It is a terrible tragedy and people do not want to stop abusing these innocent animals. They are torturing dogs and making dogs lives miserable every day and it needs to end.  Dog abuse needs to be illegal because people are making dogs suffer and die just for entertainment and its increasing violence among humans. Many animals are being forced to fight each other just for entertainment purposes and to win money.  The most common fighting that occurs in the United States is dog fighting.  Dog fighting is where two or more dogs are put in a ring for two hours and are forced to fight while spectators watch and place bets on who will win the fight.  Over 16,000 dogs have died while fighting and it constantly increases ( “Please Help Stop…” ).  Dogfighting is not just affecting dogs, it’s affecting humans too.  While attending the fights, people are indulging in drugs and murdering one another.  The U.S Drug Enforcement Agency have gathered multiple cases where people were selling drugs during the dogfights.  This has caused people to fight and even murder one another for money for drugs and for the drugs themselves ( “Animal Cruelty Facts…” ). People are also not the only ones who are indulging in drugs during the dog fights.  According to the article “Detailed Discussion of Dog Fighting”,  dogs are injected with drugs such as Epinephrine, Speed, and Lasix, to improve their fighting skills (4).  This is wrong in so many ways because the dogs can’t stop the humans from injecting drugs into them and they are forced into taking the drugs.  Dog fighting is crucial to dogs and humans but, some people want dog fighting to continue. Dog fighting can cause lots of damage to humans and dogs, but some people want dog fighting to continue.  Today, there are approximately 40,000 people who train dogs for dogfighting and want to continue doing so.  People want to continue dog fighting because they like attend the fights and see the dogs attack until one dog falls down or dies.  Gangsters want dogfights to continue because while the fighting is going on, they sell drugs.  “Within the gang community, fighting dogs compete with firearms as the weapon of choice; indeed, their versatile utility arguably surpasses that of a loaded firearm in the criminal underground” -Gerard Simon ( Gibson 41).  The people who train dogs want dog fighting to continue as well.  The people who train dogs, win lots of money from the dogfights and spend a lot of time training and abusing their dogs for fights. (Gibson).  This is not acceptable, people should not be allowed to torture dogs for their own benefits like money or drugs.  Studies show that people who abuse dogs can abuse humans just as easily as dogs.There are many cases where animal abuse is linked to human violence.  Majority of serial killers have abused animals in their youth and then growing up to become serial killers.  For example, Albert Desalvo, also known as The Boston Strangler Throughout his youth, would trap dogs in boxes and shoot arrows through them.  Later in life he was known for strangling 13 women.  The boston strangler isn’t the only killer who has abused dogs in his youth.  Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer impaled dogs heads on sticks.  Later, he was known for killing seventeen men and boys and eating them ( Animal Abuse and Human…)(“Jeffrey Dahmer”).  Many of these criminals childhoods violence went unnoticed until the violence was directed at humans.  Robert K. Ressler, a F.B.I. agent, says that “Murder’s very  often start out by killing or torturing animals as kids.”  This shows how animal abuse can lead to human harm.  Not only can animal abuse be psychologically linked to serial killers, it can be linked to school shooters also.Some also believe that dog abuse can lead to school shootings.  Many school shooting cases, the shooter abused animals before shooting his or her school.  For instance, high school killer Kip Kinkel tortured animals in his childhood.  Later in life Kinkel  murdered his parents; afterwards, he killed 2 classmates, and wounded 25.  Like Kip Kinkel, high school shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, gave a speech to their class about mutilating animals.  Later Harris and Klebold killed 12 classmates before killing themselves ( “Animal Abuse and Human Abuse…” 1).      Schools  and people have ignored this aggression and many animals are being abused by humans. Soon the abusers stop abusing animals and start acting upon other humans.  This shows that if there is a law that can help protect dogs from being abused, then the rate of human violence will decrease.  Not everyone agrees that there should be a law to protect animals  like dogs. “You can’t have your dog and eat cattle too ” – O’neil. Terry.  Yaron Brook, president and executive director of the California-based Ayn Rand Institute, said that animals like dogs, should not be given rights that humans have.  He mentions that it is immoral  to abuse dogs but it shouldn’t be illegal because laws and rights should only be applied to humans.  He also mentions that when people give rights to animals, they take away rights from humans ( O’neil Terry ).  This is not enough facts or statistics to argue that dogs should not be protected by law.  There is no evidence to support Brooks claim that if animals are given rights, humans rights will be taken away.  Although there are people who do not think dogs should be protected by law, many organizations are trying to help put an end to dog abuse.There are many organizations trying to stop and prevent animal abuse.  The ALDF, American Legal Defense Fund, is one of them.  The ALDF was founded in 1979 by attorneys who wanted to change the field of animal law.  The article “Animal Cruelty and Domestic violence” says that “The Animal Legal Defense Fund’s mission is to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system.” (1).  The ALDF accomplishes their goals by making sure they provide legal assistance, provide resources, opportunities to law students, and they try their best to make sure that the animal abuser is found guilty.  The ALDF has over 100,000 members and they are a non-profit organization.  They try and protect dogs by rescuing them and trying to get laws passed, which is a huge help.  Although there are non-profit organizations like the ALDF, It is not enough.  Non-profit organizations can only do so much to protect animals like dogs, we need law that can actually protect innocent dogs. Innocent dogs all over the United States are being abused for personal pleasures, like entertainment or to gain money or drugs. People are also abusing dogs in their youth then growing up and slaughtering humans.  Although organizations, like the ALDF, are trying to prevent animal abuse and are helping in a major way, it is not enough to stop people from indulging in drug deals at dog fights or protect all of the dogs in the United States from being killed and tortured on a daily basis.  People need to vote and put an end to this abused

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