The deal helped America get out of the

The 1930’s was a bad time for America. People fell into debt and people were buying more than they can actually afford and all this buying things caused an economical crisis. Americans got ahead of  in the roaring 20’s and people were buying whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. People would buy stuff like cars, jewelry, and groceries saying you can get now and pay later, but people would never come back to pay what they owe. All this borrowing and loaning became out of control and the stock market crashed. Many people bought into the stock market and when the stock market crashed who ever bought into it crashed with it. Everyone was buying into it but no one could actually afford it and people were taking money from the bank and saying they would pay back but they wouldn’t. This wouldn’t continue on forever the New deal helped America get out of the Great Depression and without the New Deal, the Great Depression would go on way longer than it did.         The Great Depression was a horrible time for America and FDR knew he had to do something about it so, had an idea to get America out of the Great Depression by making a series of acts called the New Deal. Before he put the New deal in place he had to start somewhere ,so as soon as FDR got into office he establish a bank holiday and he shut all the banks down just to stop the depression from going on any further. He eventually opened it backup and only let people who were eligible to reopen up their bank account. Within his first 100 days in office he released 15 new pieces of legislation that would help people become employed, help the homeless, the old, farmers, and ill. He made plenty of different acts and administrations for people to work at if they needed jobs. He tried to help farmers but cutting down on production, he gave the poor food, clothes, and item lines. He did a lot for the Americans during the Great Depression. As the depression continued everything went down and was cheap but it was hard to get because the wages were so low, and millions were without a job. Everything went down because people weren’t buying it and things like “Homes could be bought for under 3,000 dollars, a man’s suit cost about 10 dollars, a shirt cost about less than 50 cents, a pair of shoes was about 4 dollars, and milk was 10 cents a quart” (“The Great Depression and the New Deal”). FDR knew how hard it was for Americans to get jobs so he made thousands of jobs for Americans but it didn’t abolish unemployment fast enough so he made a new act that would fix rate of unemployment. “When FDR didn’t demolish unemployment fast enough, he made the CWA and it hired workers who made schools, roads, and buildings “(The New Deal). FDR knew more had to be done and knew that making more of a product and not using it would only make things worst so he didn’t just stop there.FDR thought that if he can stop the surplus of crops then it would solve the wasting of food. The government offered farmers subsidies in exchange for limiting their production of certain crops, but it failed because people couldn’t farm because of the Dust Bowl in the 1930’s. When the Dust Storms occurred the “Dust Storms harmed animals and humans. It destroyed crops, cars, machinery. Approximately 800,000 people called okies left Arkansas,Texas, Missouri, and oklahoma during the 1930’s and 1940’s and most headed to California, the land of myth and promise” (“The Great Depression and the New Deal”). And now the unemployment rates went lower and lower because the farmers no longer had  a way to make money so they had to travel from farm to farm in search for work. But some farms couldn’t afford their workers because they were not making money. FDR knew that farms couldn’t afford all the crops being made so he passed an act that he thought would help the farmers but it only made things better at the moment but in the long run it wasnt so good. Subsidies were meant to limit overproduction so that crop prices would increase and people couldn’t afford it. And since people aren’t buying the crops that means that the farmers aren’t getting paid. When “farmers couldn’t afford to harvest their crops, and were forced to let them rot in the fields while other people starved”(“The Great Depression”). The fields were filled with rotting food but sometimes some farmers were smart enough to go to where the poor people were and sell apples for a nickel a piece and make money off of it by making it cheap. Events from the Great Depression were inspired and dedicated to the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. In the book Of Mice And Men this stuff about the Great Depression, jobs, life of a farmer, and Dust Bowl are true. In the book the farmers are migrant workers and it during that time it was lack of a steady job.  During the Great depression there was lack of one steady job people went from farm to farm or they do construction, but no matter what the job is its normally always temporary. During the Great Depression people go from farm to farm doing labor that get paid monthly. Thats exactly what Lennie and George do, they also are constantly are looking for a job and are going any place that offers them a job. In the Great Depression people were doing the same thing they were hunting and traveling all over just to find a job that was available because without money you were very unlikely to live for long. The time period between the book and the Great Depression are the same and line up with each other. And they both take place in a state of poverty and everyone is poor and needy and everything revolves around money. People dont often travel together during this time it was every man for himself and went anywhere they could go, and in the book people were surprised Lennie and George travel together because it was very rare for one to be together. In the book people are mean to the black guy who works on the farm and they discriminate him and dont allow him to hang out with the white people and the same thing happened during the great depression. But even though black people weren’t the most favored people the new deal still had support for them.The New Deal made jobs for the black people who got fired during the Great Depression. “Black people were the first people to be fired. They were 2 to 3 times more than whites…to solve that people made a job for negros movement that boycotted chain stores.” People in this time period were racist and hated black people a lot, so of course they fired their black workers first. When Congress of Industrial organizations realized it, they established in the mid 1930’s and organized large numbers of black workers into labor unions for the first time. A team of people also made jobs for negros. Jobs for negroes only allowed negros to work in the movement. Sometimes the negroes and other people boycotted against chain stores. Blacks greatly benefited from the New deal even through the hard times of discrimination.But before FDR came into play many people were still homeless, ill, and broke. During the Depression many people didn’t have much of anything so FDR had bread lines, soup lines, and lines for clothes, and etc. The food lines became more popular and more and more everyday the lines would just get longer and longer. People didn’t see it coming, people were spending money and shopping without a care in the world then “Meanwhile, the country’s industrial production had dropped by half. Bread lines, soup kitchens and rising numbers of homeless people became more and more common in America’s towns and cities.”(“The Great Depression”) Without FDR doing everything who knows we’re America would be today. FDR put confidence in Americans everywhere. FDR told America what he was going to do when he was on the broadcast fireside chat. Americans everywhere listened to his speech. He told them how and when he was going to help America and he made it happen. He made many different speeches in many different occasions but his most famous quote from his speech is “There is nothing to fear by fear itself””(President FDR) People all over the world heard that and they trusted FDR from there and they saw his actions and knew that someday that the Great Depression would no longer exist.

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