The offer details to home page. It will

The following section describes the
work that will be implemented with future releases of the software.

• Customize orders: It will allow
customers to customize food orders.

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• Enhance User Interface by adding more
user interactive features. It will provide deals and promotional offer details
to home page. It will provide Recipes of the week/day to home page.

• Payment Options: We will add
different payment options such as PayPal, Cash, Gift Cards etc. It will allow saving
payment details for future use.

• It will allow processing an order as
a Guest.

• Delivery Options: We will add
delivery option.

• Order Process Estimate: It will provide
customer a visual graphical order status bar.

• Order Status: It will show only active
orders to canteen employees.

• Order Ready notification: It will
send an order ready notification to the customer.

• In future this can also be available as a
Mobile application and can be integrated with in store
touch screen devices like iPad.


are also certain that if this system goes into actual use, many requests will
arise for additional features which we had not previously considered, but would
be useful to have. For this reason, we feel as though the application can be
constantly evolving, which we consider a very good thing.


I.      Conclusions

The main objective of the application
is to help students ordering food online. The following results have been
achieved after completing the system and relate back to the system’s objective.

• Should allow all to browse through
the code and application:

• Should allow users to browse through
different product categories: This is achieved through an easy to use graphical
interface menu options.

• Should allow users to save items to
the cart and view detailed information about the order:

The users can add any number of items to
the cart from any of the available food categories by simply clicking the Add
to Cart button for each item. Once item is added to the cart, user is presented
with detailed order to review or continue shopping.

• Should allow the user to Check out
the item(s): This is achieved using the “Proceed to checkout button” in the
cart initially and then “Checkout” button at last step after “review Order”

Button is disabled when there are no
items in the cart.

• Should allow the user to process the
payment: This is achieved when user
selects “Processed to











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