The to be controlled by your religion. Joseph

The two
characters in the Chrysalids, Uncle Axel and Joseph Strorm portray many

similarities. Uncle Axel is not the same as Joseph Strorm, they are greatly
different and

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differences. If you think that they are, then this will show you how they
aren’t. Although

they do have
some similarities and they will be listed and explained later. Most notably,

Axel and
Joseph strorm differ in how they behave, what their important roles are, and



    The first difference between Uncle Axel and
Joseph Strorm is that they both have different

emotions and
personalities; while they are both related to David, each display different

attitudes towards David.  Joseph Strorm
is the father of David. He
is deeply religious and

about mutations and blasphemy. He is disturbed quite easily by anything

from the
norm. In other words, he is not accepting even against anything minor. Joseph
is cold

hearted and
has the ability to kill people if they are not born the right way. He is bad

as he got
angry at David for wishing he had another arm. So, as you know, Joseph can get

easily. On the other hand, Uncle axel is the opposite of Joseph Strorm, he
behaves quite

Uncle Axel is trustworthy. He finds out about Davids secret of telepathy and he

it out with
him and he never tells anyone, and he tells David to keep it a secret too. He
is caring,

Uncle Axel
is always there for David and helps him with his problems. Uncle Axel is a

character, he seems merciful and accepting towards
differences.                                     Haidary


difference between the two is their significance; even though both are

their significance contradicts their role. Uncle Axel is significant because he

supporter and he helps him through his life when he grows up, and he gives him
a lot of

Advice. He
also knows about David’s telepathy power and he teaches him all about what  

happens to
people who don’t fit the definition and that he must keep his power a secret.

gave David
geography lessons which helped him on his way out to escape to the place he

about. Conversely, Joseph Strorm prefers for his religion and family. Joseph is

because if you are to live in Waknuk, it makes it extremely easy to be
controlled by

religion. Joseph was a very religious man towards his family and community. In

community of
Waknuk, Joseph considers himself to be worth enough to choose the fate of

human life,
ultimately chooses the fate for others life.


    The final difference between the two is their
roles, more specifically, their actions towards

Joseph Strorm represents the old, cruel ways of people. Joseph detests those

differ, even
slightly, from his idea of the true image, and reserves no forgiveness for
them. Even

when his own
sister in law comes begging help for her blasphemous baby, Joseph turns her

away with
hateful words: “Shame on you, woman! Now go! Go home in humility, not

He wishes
the capture and torture of his own son, when discovering his telepathy. Uncle

however, had
been quite an important person throughout the book to David and telepaths as

well as the
whole society. Uncle Axel plays a major role in this book. From uncle Axel’s

and actions,
the reader can see that he is a wise man because in (Pg.80) he says “It’s what

inside, after that, that made him human.”  To express how a man should be

the inside, not their physical appearances.



Haidary 3


    In conclusion, these three aspects clearly
show how Uncle Axel and Joseph Strorm behave

as different
characters. While Joseph has a high temper and gets angry, Uncle Axel is

a caring
person, and is encouraging. In some ways, their differences parallel their

as a
subject, Uncle Axel as a helper. Taken collectively however, their differences
don’t stop

the law of
attraction coming in to play. They both are in the same family.


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