The was because of the control of OPEC.

The primary factor which distinguish the developing
countries from developed country is Gross domestic product per capita (GDP). Generally
unofficial measurement of developed counties GDP is $12000 and below that is
identified as developing countries. Argentina, Brazil, China, Malaysia, Mexico,
Nigeria, North Korea, Philippines, Qatar and Russia are identified as
developing countries.

According to the 1st graph it shows a continuous
increment of total good in both loaded and unloaded goods since 2009. The main
reason for this increment is improvement of developing countries. As mentioned
in 1st para mainly China, India, Russia and Philippine expanded their
business areas. As a result of continuous development most of cargo ship
operation are operates through developing countries ports. Ex: Port of
Shanghai, Port of Hong Kong, Port of Singapore, Port of Colombo.

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According to 2nd graph dry cargo unloaded is
greater than loaded because some of foods items (wheat) are imported in large
scale and technological products are imported from developed countries.

From 2008 to 2009, there is a decrement of total goods load.
Reason for this was global economic recession.

Among the developing economies Brazil, Mexico, Iran, China,
Russia, Saudi Arabia held a considerable large market share of producing
Petroleum products. As well as those products are consumed by other developing
economies (India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Most of African countries) to expand
the markets. As a result, both curves take the same shape. Both petroleum
product and gas, loaded and unload shows a continuous growth since 2009 because
of the development.

4th chart shows overall increment in crude oil
unloaded and random change in crude oil loaded. This was because of the control
of OPEC. They acting as a monopoly in crude oil industry.

Crude oil unloaded curve less value because of two main
reason. Some countries refine for their own consumption (E.g.: China) and most
of developing countries subjected to sanctions (Cuba, North Korea etc.).

transition economy or transitional economy is an economy which is changing from
a centrally planned economy to a market economy. Albania, Cambodia, Botswana,
Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Ukraine are some examples for transition economy holding

In transit economies, total good loaded show a continuous
growth since 2011. But it has little decrement since 2009 to 2011 due to the
economic recession in developed countries.

Unloaded capacities are shown low values because the
transition countries increase their production.

Generally, these are the economies which the GDP per capita
is more than $12000 or more. Most of high developed countries like USA has
$40000 or more GDP per capita. Australia, Canada, Chile, France Germany, Greece,
Netherland, Norway, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey are some of identified countries.

They fulfill required goods and services themselves rather
than importing. Loaded curve is normally increased because of foreign trades.
Mostly they export their products. 

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