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The National park Zion is located in southwestern Utah. The park happens to lie 30 miles away from Colorado Plateau, it’s also near washington county and Springdale city. The parks area size is about 229.1 miles in total, the mountains are enormous and so are the walk in caves. Since the park is filled with mountains & located in Utah the parks climate is a mixture of heat in the summer and cold windy beezes in the winter. The weather in the summer exceeds to 100 degrees fahrenheit but can exceed at least 90 degrees fahrenheit in higher elevations like on the mountain or in higher structured caves. An interesting fact about Zion National park is that its named after a Hebrew word. Another interesting fact is that in the park there is an area called “weeping rock”. Did you know that Virgin Anasazi were the first people to land on Zion? They landed there and tracked down animals such as mammoths, giant sloth, and camel across Utah. These animals actually died out about 8,000-9,000 years ago. This historical area became a national park in November 19,1919. It was named a national park after president William Howard Taft designated it. Zion actually might happen to be the most diverse about Utah itself. Due to the great amount of land Zion National park has the Virgin river runs right through it.    This national park was formed from uplifted, tilted, and eroded rock layers. It happens to be that Zion use to be a flat basin near sea level almost about 240 million years ago. The mountains were built from sands, gravels, and muds that eroded. The streams carried all the minerals and deposited them into layers which caused t to be how it is now. The most common mineral found is Chinle along with shale, sandstones, limestones, gypsum, and quartz. Those minerals are formed in the rocks.The park is filled with exotic plants such as the ponderosa pine, pinyon, mountain lions and so on. Although Zion has very ezotic plants it also comes with common plants as well such as Pinyon pine, western yellow pine, and the Aspen. The community in this park cants just have plants, of course there are your common animals too. The most common animals are foxes, bats,and squirrels. The most uncommon animals are the bighorn sheep, Mule deer, and even a petite kangaroo. Since the Virgin river streams through the park there also has to be types of fishes. Spinedace, speckled pace, flannel mouth sucker, and the desert sucker are the fishes in the streams. The park has 8 species of fish, over 78 species of animals, 37 species of reptiles, and 291 species of different types of birds.Zion National park includes wonderful sites within the park. A lot of things can be done in zion National park for example options you are given are backpacking, hiking, bicycling, birding, camping, canyoneering, climbing, horseback riding and way more things. There are significant amount of things you can do as a tourist.The community in this park is a nice and calming place to visit. You are given a variety of options when visiting the National park Zion in Utah.

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