There around 310 mass shooting happening in 2017,

There has been a lot of discussion on the topic of gun laws recently. With around 310 mass shooting happening in 2017, people are questioning our gun laws. How easy is it for these people to own a firearm? A New York Times article by Zachary Stone gave me a clearer picture on just how simple it is to become a legal gun owner. The author of the article, Zachary Stone, went through the licensing process of a gun for the purpose of a debate in his college. With that in mind, he had no weapon training or knowledge of guns before he did that, meaning he should have failed. Somebody who wants a gun for no particular reason and with no weaponry knowledge has no right to own a weapon as powerful as a gun, however he passed on his first attempt. This was very alarming to me. It showed me right away how simple it is for someone to legally own a gun.  The article states that, “According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, 99.7 percent of applicants in 2014 received their license.” However, according to Texas Gun Sense there is at least 3,200 gun related deaths in Texas each year. If the gun laws were more demanding this number would probably be highly reduced. The problem is, if we tighten gun laws now it only affects young people or people who don’t already have a gun. Unless we figure out a way to confiscate all guns that are already owned, we would still be facing gun related issues. If we don’t do anything to tighten the gun laws, the same issues will continue to occur and the number of mass shootings will only go up. One of the major issues with our gun laws now is that there is no federal law on how many guns somebody can legally own. This leads to the problem of gun dealers, which is how a lot of illegal gun owners get there weapons. Most illegal gun owners doubt their chances of passing the required background check, so they get their illegal firearms through gun dealers. If there was restrictions on how many guns somebody can legally own, this would cut down the number of illegal gun owners. With all of the issues with gun ownership in the US, there has been talk about tightening the laws. However, it all boils down to a large group of people who are not willing to lose their guns and gun rights under any circumstances. Those citizens who are opposed to gun control regularly refer to the second amendment which gives citizens the right to bear arms. What they don’t understand is that having the right to do something does not make it mandatory. This leads to the question: why do so many people want guns? For the most parts, it comes down to three things, protection, recreation, and insecurity/ vulnerability. According to The Guardian, the most common reason for gun possession is for protection. People want to ensure their safety from intruders and other vulnerable situations. Humans are all about ensuring their safety and anticipating the worst-case scenarios. Another common reason for people wanting to own a gun is for recreation. Hunting and target shooting are popular recreational activities which do require legal possession of a firearm. The Guardian says, “Many gun owners confess to feeling “naked” without their guns.” Although these are all valid reasons for gun ownership, I believe that the laws need to be tightened. Nobody should be able to own a gun unless there is a good reason and they are fully assessed and background checked on a regular basis. There would be many fewer gun related deaths  if the gun laws were more demanding.

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