This pollution and animal rights as well as

This report will show the description of a
local environment that could suffer, as a result of bad practices in the
construction and building environment. this project going to be based on
natural features, legislation and authorities, protection by management and
sustainable techniques. Those 4 different elements are the features that must
be considered when developing ‘Battersea High street (London)’ as they wanted
to ensure that the environment is protected during the developing of the site
as a project. for this reason, I will analysis and go more into depth about
this issue.


   Natural features

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Air quality and Climate

Air quality is a feature to consider during a
building project. When starting the project, air quality would increase in site
traffic because of Lorries, use of petrol generators and dust from things such
as cement and timber. All these factors will cause pollution of the air in the
natural environment and in the community.

Natural amenities

natural amenities involve a number of activities which are as follows:



The above are basic
services and facilities that are covered in the environment that leads the
construction into failure if the correct measures are not taken into
consideration. It’s essential to understand the structure of the right
principle of construction for the natural amenities to not cause a high risk as
the results of bad practice. This effect holds to the region of the environment
sector where pollution and animal rights as well as green land such as trees
and flowers must put into account of consideration that should not result in
bad environment because of the construction.

   Protection by Legislation and Authorities

   Protection by Management




How does the construction project
impact on the environment at the site? Before you start to construct a project
on the site, they must research the history of the site to check if it is
appropriate to build. One of the things to do is to hand out a survey to the
people around the area to see how they would feel if a construction were to
take place here. As well as doing the surveys they must make sure that they are
doing the planning for the construction of the building properly and they have
the right resources. If not, then they will not have the right instructions to
follow, this will be very time consuming and it will be more expensive. In the
pre-construction stage, that environmental impact assessment (EIA) should be
carried out. EIA identifies potential environmental effects or impact of the
construction project. Firstly, this assessment has an impact on the planning
and the decision made to approve the project. Secondly, it has an impact on the
design, proses on the project. The construction must take in to account on the
effect of the wildlife environment in order not to cause harm or suffer the
construction based on the rights of animal’s wildlife. In addition, the
wildlife should also be considered and involved in the construction project to
be able to join the environment of both aspects is to enjoy the life


It should consider where are the
materials coming from. Materials at expensive prices but sustainable would make
it much more efficient in the construction state also at the post-construction
site. On the construction is to have a timetable for transport to and from
construction. A timetable is to save time and to save the cost of vehicle fuel.
The certain vehicle for a certain job on site for example on a vehicle to collect
and recycle waste the material on site.

Recycle material can be used on-site
in many areas for example crushed, wood, materials, and cardboard. Cardboards
can be recycled in many ways for example to insulate a house. They will have to
check where their materials are coming. So that the construction will be of
good quality. If they do have leftover materials recycle the equipment. They must
make sure when they are transporting the equipment need a safety to the
construction area without damaging any property on their way to the site. If
they are going to use recycled products in their construction. As a
construction company, they should think about like to use if it is solar or
other types of energy. Since the natural resource may run our so they should
consider using other types of resources in the construction plan.



As part of a construction site, they
should consider about how to plan it before they start working on the
construction site. When you start a building, you should replace another thing
but in a different place. If they are going to construct a building near an
area where there are trees, and they need to cut them down as it would be their
obstacle. So, they should consider the environment and plant two trees for
every tree that they cut down.

When they have finished with the
construction they should check the maintenance of the building to make sure
everything is done properly and that it has been done to plan. They also make
sure that they check with the waste management and they recycle what needs to
be and put the waste in the right place. So, they should think about getting
the recycle bins so that they put the waste accordingly. They shouldn’t dump
any waste in the lakes or rivers as they would then be polluting the
environment and damaging their reputation.

They should create and reintroduce
the natural landscape and as well as the wildlife in the surrounding area. They
must make sure that they don’t create any emissions and any dangerous or harmful
substances near the workplace.  At the
end, they can also recycle the facilities that they can renew instead of
throwing it away. This will save money another next project. So, they can reuse

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