Video platform will help in customer care. Through

Video Marketing Success Stories and
Instances of Poor Video Marketing Usage


Traditional modes of marketing such as the
use of magazines and television advertising are slowly becoming extinct and are
being replaced by Video Content Marketing. According to digital information
World, clients
understand about the new products by 74% if a video is used in explaining the
effectiveness of the product. These statistics show
that companies that have effectively used Video Content Marketing are far more
likely to attract the client to buy their products. In this article,

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In this article, we feature five examples
of companies that have been successful as a result of using video content
marketing. I will also give examples of companies that have tried video content
marketing unsuccessfully. First, let`s begin with five companies that have been




According to Revolution
productions, Zendesk`s success in marketing has been
because of their commitment to producing video that is rich and resourceful to
viewers. If you analyze the video`s used in their marketing, you will realize
that Zendesk develops video that walks the viewer through different pages on
the platform. Through this strategy, the viewer is able to visualize how using
the Zendesk platform will help in customer care. Through the videos, clients
are able to learn about Zendesk`s efficiency. There is also a notable inclusion
of comedic effect that is believed to be the key in influencing the viewer’s
decision making. The emphasis on how efficient the Zendesk platform is through
a comic delivery is a major reason that has contributed to the success of the
company’s video marketing.


Volvo Trucks Success Story through Use of
Video Marketing


Volvo trucks is another company that has
enjoyed great success with video. This has greatly been because of use of video
that is relevant to clients during their different buying and use of the
trucks. Ingela the company`s head of marketing communications departments, was
interviewed by
on the success of video marketing. In her interview, she explains that the move
was strategic and they experienced increased brand awareness through “The
Epic Split” episode. The company has invested in the use of
brand videos which are meant to create wide brand awareness. Further, the
company has also created an educational video that is a good example of after
sales strategies meant to educate the owners on how to solve various issues
that might arise. Lastly, the implementation of video documentaries and case
study videos, are another reason why the company has created an established


Saddleback Leather


According to,
Saddleback leather is another company that has enjoyed great success through
the use of Video content marketing. The company uses the hilarious and
informative balance to produce educative videos that have brought the company a
great success in marketing. The company has used customer stories and educative
videos in their content marketing.


Hubspot Video Content Marketing
lists Hubspot as a master in video marketing. According to Jamee Sheehy of
Hubspot, the company uses the video initiatives for brand building, entertain
the prospects, and also to inform the viewers. Through these initiatives, the
company has focused on producing video through core mentality of adding value
so that the viewers are turned into subscribers of their informative content.


Dunkin Donuts


This is a company that has through years
of its existence relied on visuals to sell their products. The company uses
video to show clients how they make their cakes and this has been a great lead
generator for the company products. Viewers who watch the Dunkin Donuts video
marketing content have shown great admiration of the cake which has led to
multiple orders improving the company’s sales.


Failed Video Content Marketing Strategies


Here are some of the companies that
implemented video marketing companies that did not make any noticeable
additions to their sales or subscriptions.


Mellow Mushroom’s Pizza


The company implemented a poorly themed
advertisement that did not create the intended effect in their marketing
campaigns. This was seen in their advertisement where they relate their Pizza
to a medical solution. The main reason for the poor reception was the companies
move to relate their pizza as a cure for indigestion. The video content was
poorly crafted and as a result, the intended viewers were not moved by the


Dove Beauty Campaigns


When the company released a new design of
the product’s
packaging, they received a negative response from the clients. The
targeted viewers who were mostly women felt offended by the move to advertising
the packaging using body figures. The main issue was the large showcasing of
how women bodies are shapeless. This is a good example of how a video can turn
out to be offensive to the clients leading to a low effect on sales and
sometimes unexpected negative perception. Companies should instead mind how
clients will feel after viewing their commercials.


Pepsi Failed Video Content Marketing


Despite being a big corporation, Pepsi
failed in their video content that was featuring Kendall Jenner after the
viewers publicly criticized the video. This was because of poorly borrowing
from a previous scene in which a black woman who was involved in a mass protest
in 2016.  The company was later forced to
pull down the video. Later the company had to apologize
in a statement issued to the members of the public.


McDonald`s Video Content Accused of Child
Bereavement Exploitation


Another Video that totally failed and
listed as a video content gone bad was the McDonald`s advert that showed a
child emotionally grieve a dad and this led to the video being pulled down.
Through the Guardian,
the company’s spokesperson apologized and said it wasn’t the company’s
intention to cause the upset.  This was
another example of a video that was produced without considering the effect of
the scenes to the potential clients and the existing customers.


Sony White PSP and Black PSP Supremacy
Fights Faulted


The viewers of the Content criticized the
company for promoting interracial fighting through their content marketing that
shows a white model grabbing a black model stubbornly. The black model is seen
to be submissive and this was intended to show how the new ceramic white PSP
was better than the previous versions. This was received with widespread negativity.


The above examples show some of the things
that companies should consider when producing their video content. In a
nutshell, they should focus on educating the client and ensure the video
doesn’t offend the viewers. A good approach would be talking to an expert who
can advise on the best approach to take in matters of Video content marketing. 

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