Why accusations. He was proven innocent when the

Why didn’t these women
come forward when the incident hapqpened? Why didn’t they fight back? Times up created by many
workingwoman in Hollywood, is a movement against sexual harassment. The
movement recently started to gain major visibility and many of the biggest stars
in Hollywood have lost jobs for their behavior in the past. The persistent,
underlying question is how can we be certain that these accusations are true?


Recently Emily Lindin, a Teen Vogue columnist and
an outspoken feminist came under fire after tweeting she is “not at all
concerned about innocent men losing their jobs” over false allegations of
sexual misconduct. “People like Emily Lindin ruin feminism for us” (Folaranmi Folaya on Twitter). I understand the emotion and the anger
from these women, especially when the movement is as strong as it is. However,
we cannot lose sight of our humanity. We cannot forget that there needs to be
proof beyond a reasonable doubt to condemn. Jealous people want a voice of power to punish and destroy
those they envy. And these people don’t get punished, which allows discretion
on their part because no one takes the time and treat accused people fairly
before writing them off.

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In the end, it hurts everyone
except those who are guilty because it gives them an option to claim to be a
victim of false accusation.


It’s far too easy to ruin someone’s reputation
with nothing but an allegation. I could go on twitter right now and accuse any
person or celebrity of sexual assault, and most people would believe me. Many people
often forget how easy it is to lie and make up false “proof.”

Sexual misconduct is hard to believe when the story does not add
up. For example, Leigh Corfman accused Roy S. Moore, the Republican
candidate for Senate in Alabama of forcibly groping her in a car. However, she was wrong about
details like the time the restaurant closed and where the dumpsters were
outside the restaurant.

Early this year, Rich Rodriguez was fired from the University of Arizona
for false accusations. He was proven innocent when the allegations could not be
affirmed based on the evidence and witnesses available.


An accusation can be a powerful
thing and it is also a perfect way to gain exposure. However at this moment in
time it should not be for us, but the legal system to judge if anything spiteful
has occurred. People should not persecute others until all the facts are known.?


We cannot allow people to accept and rectify their
wrongdoing if we block them and mute their voices. There needs to be a full
investigation, trial and conviction if needed. Both stories are important and
deserve to be heard. If you have a voice, be ready to face the crowd and defend
your claim with facts. Do not just accuse someone then disappear because every
voice and life matters. 

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