Why in life styles have produced an alarming

         Why do bullying occurs? A recent
survey conducted by Malaysian
Education Ministry suggested that the bullying is a leading cause of injuries
and death in secondary schools as there is an increase from 0.06 per cent of
cases in 2015 to 0.11 per cent cases last year. The rapid modernization
of Asian countries and the dramatic changes in life styles have produced an
alarming spike in the rate of bullying among Asian countries. This is an
unhealthy trend and if left uncheck, it can contribute to a negative social
environment in the future. Bullying is an intention of a person to forcibly and
aggressively impose their will onto other people either physically or
emotionally to prove that they are more powerful than others. There are many
personality and environmental factors that contribute to bullying.


           The first factor that cause bullying
is the personal character of an individual. Envious people will be jealous of
other people’s achievements and talents as they are being praised by others.
Therefore, they tend to revenge back or show their anger violently either by
action or verbally.  On the other hand, low self-esteem personality of the
victim is also a predicting factor of bullying. Usually, the bullies will seek
attention by showing their powers towards people with lack of self-confidence and
scared as they do not take any action to defend themselves from being bullied.
Bullying is the abuse of some form of power attempt to prove that one is superior
in other way. (Davis, S., & Nixon, C, 2010). So, personal character is also
a factor of this exceeding issue.

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             The second factor of bullying is
family situations of an individual. Children come from materialistic family
often become the victim due to lack of supervision and communication by
parents. Kids unable to share their problems and emotions as their parents are
very busy with their work until they have no time to talk and spend time with
their kids. The main causes of bullying are
related to family background, their upbringing, financial and social
circumstances and family environment that somehow spill over to their children
during early child-rearing. (Salehi S, Patel A, Taghavi M, Pooravari M, 2016).
Besides, violence among parents and siblings also can lead to bullying. This is
because their children are observing it lively at home and tend to follow that
in future by showing violence towards their friends and so on. Joel Schwarz, (2006 ) says that parents are very
powerful role models and children will follow their behavior because every
children will inspire every action of their parents and wanted to be like them.
Therefore, they may believe violence is a good action and they can use it with


        The third factor is the ineffective
laws and rules. Most of the schools   are
not taking immediate actions and stiffer penalties like suspending from school
and so on, as this action can affect their reputation.  It is also proven from the statement that says
70.6% students have seen bullying in
their own schools. (Bradshaw,
C.P., Sawyer, A.L., & O’Brennan,L).Moreover, lack of police
patrol around the suspicious area such as outside the school compound, playground
and public toilet is also one of the cause of bully. School law and rules are
not enough to prevent bully especially in secondary school because for older
kids the rules imposed must meet their maturity level. According to Chettiyar (2015) police plays an
important role to the increasing trend of this issues and the increasing numbers of police officers can reduce crime
all around the world. Since there is no stricter enforcement of bullying
by authorities the number of bullying cases drastically increases.


         In conclusion, bullying are crimes of
opportunity that occur due to several factors that are mentioned. Bullies tend to satisfy themselves by inflicting injury or suffering to others without feeling
empathy for their victims. Thus, personal character, family situations of an
individual and ineffective laws and rules are those main factors that
contribute to this scenario to happen. Thus, close monitoring by parents, school
authorities and a responsible community can curb bullying.





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